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Lawmakers agree on budget, renewable energy siting bill

Dave Gram, Associated Press  |  Posted  May 6th - 4:51pm

Lawmakers agreed on a budget, a renewable energy siting bill and a measure calling for more transparency in prescription drug pricing as they worked toward an expected adjournment for the year late Friday or Saturday.

Missouri governor signs $27 billion budget despite concerns

Adam Aton, Associated Press  |  Posted  May 6th - 4:51pm

Missouri Gov. Jay Nixon on Friday signed a $27.3 billion budget that boosts funding for education and health care while blocking money from Planned Parenthood, though the Democrat said he has concerns about that provision.

Workers are losing ground as Atlantic City casinos struggle

Wayne Parry, Associated Press  |  Posted  May 6th - 4:51pm

Atlantic City's casino workers are making only 80 cents an hour more now than they did 12 years ago, having opted instead to secure benefits like health insurance and retirement plans as the casino industry shrunk and four properties went out of business.

A pregnant woman walks into a bar: You must serve her in NYC

Jennifer Peltz, Associated Press  |  Posted  May 6th - 4:41pm

A pregnant woman shows up at a New York City bar and wants to go in and order a drink despite health warnings against consuming alcohol while expecting. Should the tavern serve her?

Herbalife says it's in advanced talks with FTC, shares soar

The Associated Press  |  Posted  May 6th - 4:31pm

Shares of Herbalife surged more than 9 percent Friday after disclosing that it is in advanced talks to settle a federal investigation into claims it essentially operates as a pyramid scheme.

Kenya closing camps with hundreds of thousands of refugees

Tom Odula, Associated Press  |  Posted  May 6th - 4:31pm

The Kenyan government said Friday it will close two refugee camps, including one of the world's biggest, due to a lack of security and economic challenges as human Rights group condemned the plan.

San Francisco accuses school of illegal dorm conversions

Sudhin Thanawala, Associated Press  |  Posted  May 6th - 4:20pm

A popular arts school that is one of San Francisco's largest property owners has illegally removed hundreds of residential units from the city's tight housing market by converting buildings to dorms, according to a lawsuit filed Friday.

Canadian convoy begins, hoping to flee wildfire zone

The Associated Press  |  Posted  May 6th - 4:20pm

A massive convoy was under way Friday to move evacuees stranded at oil field camps north of Fort McMurray, Alberta amid a massive wildfire that officials fear could double in size by the end of Saturday.

Lawyers clash on mental competency of media mogul Redstone

Anthony McCartney, Associated Press  |  Posted  May 6th - 4:12pm

Lawyers on both sides agree that ailing media mogul Sumner Redstone was being manipulated in the months before he expelled a longtime companion from his life late last year.

Kentucky judge to decide if OxyContin testimony is public

Adam Beam, Associated Press  |  Posted  May 6th - 4:11pm

A Kentucky judge says he will decide next week whether to unseal the secret testimony from a former president of the company that markets the powerfully addictive painkiller OxyContin.

Treasury rejects plan to slash Teamsters pension benefits

Martin Crutsinger, Associated Press  |  Posted  May 6th - 4:11pm

The Treasury Department on Friday rejected an effort by the Teamsters Central States Pension Plan to cut benefits for 270,000 retired workers starting in July.

Ruling: Medical marijuana immunity of doctors is limited

Paul Davenport, Associated Press  |  Posted  May 6th - 4:01pm

The legal immunity provided physicians by Arizona's medical marijuana law for certifying patients to use pot only applies to the medical certifications, not other conduct such as making false statements in documents, the state Supreme Court ruled Friday.

Arizona joins rest of nation with children's insurance plan

Bob Christie, Associated Press  |  Posted  May 6th - 4:00pm

Arizona is poised to join 49 other states that offer a federal health insurance program for low-income children after backers of the plan pushed it through the Legislature Friday and Republican Gov. Doug Ducey pledged to sign it immediately.

Woman gets 3 years for role in $200M credit card fraud scam

The Associated Press  |  Posted  May 6th - 3:50pm

A Philadelphia woman has been sentenced to more than three years in prison for her role in a $200 million credit card fraud scheme the U.S. Department of Justice calls the largest it has prosecuted.

Records show Vegas stunt plane company had safety concerns

Sally Ho, Associated Press  |  Posted  May 6th - 3:41pm

Before a recent stunt plane crash killed an instructor pilot and student passenger, records show that federal authorities had noted multiple safety issues on similar acrobatic flights offered by a Las Vegas tourism company that allows paying customers — even those without any previous flight experience — to fly and control planes.

Obama calls on Sen. Paul to drop objections to tax treaties

Darlene Superville, Associated Press  |  Posted  May 6th - 3:41pm

President Barack Obama on Friday called on Sen. Rand Paul to drop his "quirky" objections to pending international tax treaties so they can move forward in Congress.

UW relations head leaving for real estate organization

The Associated Press  |  Posted  May 6th - 3:41pm

The University of Wisconsin System's public relations and lobbying director is leaving the post at the end of next week to lead a prominent real estate organization.

EPA chief: US quickly phasing out coal for clean energy

Michael Biesecker, Associated Press  |  Posted  May 6th - 3:31pm

The top official at the Environmental Protection Agency said Friday the ongoing legal fight over regulating carbon emissions from coal-fired power plants won't delay the nation's accelerating shift to cleaner sources of energy.

Food freedom movement clashes with public health fears

Mark Shenefelt-Examiner, Associated Press  |  Posted  May 6th - 3:31pm

In 2014, 99 people were infected by bacteria traced to raw milk sold at a small dairy in Weber County. One person died and 10 were hospitalized. The campylobacter outbreak triggered an investigation by state and federal health authorities of unpasteurized milk practices in Utah.