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Amazon to let Prime members download videos

Mae Anderson, Associated Press  |  Posted  Sep 1st - 11:32am

Amazon is upping the ante in the streaming-video competition with downloadable videos.


Attorney: Former Jared Foundation chief to plead guilty

The Associated Press  |  Posted  Sep 1st - 11:28am

An attorney says the former director of a foundation created by ex-Subway spokesman Jared Fogle will plead guilty to child pornography charges.

Obama paints doomsday scene of global warming in Alaska

Josh Lederman, Associated Press  |  Posted  Sep 1st - 10:31am

President Barack Obama is painting a doomsday scenario for the Arctic and beyond if climate change isn't dealt with fast: entire nations submerged underwater, cities abandoned and refugees fleeing in droves as conflict breaks out across the globe.

US factory output up in August at slowest pace since May '13

Paul Wiseman, Associated Press  |  Posted  Sep 1st - 9:41am

A strong dollar and China's economic slowdown dragged growth at U.S. factories to the lowest level since May 2013.

US construction spending reaches highest level in 7 years

Josh Boak, Associated Press  |  Posted  Sep 1st - 9:30am

U.S. construction spending in July climbed to its highest level in more than seven years, boosted by an increase in the building of houses, factories and power plants.

US auto market remains bright spot as China pulls back

Dee-Ann Durbin, Associated Press  |  Posted  Sep 1st - 12:11pm

As China's auto market recoils, the U.S. remains a bright spot as it rolls on toward its best performance in more than a decade.

FDA issues warning letters to powdered caffeine distributors

Ann Sanner, Associated Press  |  Posted  Sep 1st - 12:11pm

The Food and Drug Administration has issued warning letters to five distributors of pure powdered caffeine, saying the products put consumers at risk.

Texas regulator clears oil and gas company of causing quakes

The Associated Press  |  Posted  Sep 1st - 12:01pm

A state inquiry has found that an oil and gas company's disposal well operations likely did not cause a series of North Texas earthquakes.

Canada in recession; PM Harper denies it as election looms

Rob Gillies, Associated Press  |  Posted  Sep 1st - 11:51am

Prime Minister Stephen Harper, campaigning for a fourth term on a record of economic growth, has refused to recognize that Canada is in a recession, despite new data to the contrary.

Yahoo chief Mayer says she's pregnant with twins

The Associated Press  |  Posted  Sep 1st - 11:41am

Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer is pregnant with identical twins.

Budget for new U. Iowa children's hospital balloons to $360M

The Associated Press  |  Posted  Sep 1st - 11:21am

The estimated cost of the new University of Iowa children's hospital has ballooned to $360 million as a result of design changes and construction delays.

17 in running for medical marijuana producer licenses in NM

The Associated Press  |  Posted  Sep 1st - 10:40am

The New Mexico Department of Health says a committee has whittled down from 86 to 17 the number of applicants seeking licenses to produce medical marijuana.

Consumer panel: Airlines should disclose fees, seat size

Joan Lowy, Associated Press  |  Posted  Sep 1st - 10:32am

Airlines should clearly disclose the cost of change and cancellation fees, as well as the size of the plane's seats, before a passenger buys a ticket, a federal panel said Tuesday.

Group asks court to stop Nevada tax package repeal effort

The Associated Press  |  Posted  Sep 1st - 10:31am

A Nevada PAC is asking a court to block efforts to repeal the entire $1.1 billion tax package that Nevada lawmakers passed this spring.

Valeant steps in to work on psoriasis drug with AstraZeneca

The Associated Press  |  Posted  Sep 1st - 10:10am

Canadian drugmaker Valeant will work with British competitor AstraZeneca on a potential treatment for psoriasis a few months after biotech giant Amgen said it was ending research on the drug because of a link to suicidal thoughts and behavior.

Strict medical pot testing rules stifle dispensary supplies

The Associated Press  |  Posted  Sep 1st - 9:51am

Nevada labs are nixing pounds of medical marijuana that don't meet state standards, putting a premium on pot and delaying at least one dispensary from opening.

Turmoil returns to markets after weak economic data from China

The Associated Press  |  Posted  Sep 1st - 9:21am

One analyst says yesterday's "relatively peaceful markets are a distant memory."

Auditor general: school audits will reflect budget impasse

The Associated Press  |  Posted  Sep 1st - 9:10am

Pennsylvania's elected fiscal watchdog says his department's audits of school districts will now include costs resulting from the state government's budget impasse.

US university starts 'virtual classroom' for students

Collin Binkley, Associated Press  |  Posted  Sep 1st - 9:01am

The newest classroom at Harvard University's business school has no desks or chairs. Instead, the professor teaches facing a towering digital screen that stretches from wall to wall, filled with the live video feeds of up to 60 students tuned in from their computers.