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South Jordan woman to run 30 marathons before turning 30

Megan Marsden Christensen  |  Posted  Aug 26th - 1:04pm

Madison Irwin will cross the finish line of her 30th marathon Saturday, not long before she celebrates her 30th birthday.

Man severely beaten with bat at Tooele rest stop

Pat Reavy  |  Posted  Aug 26th - 12:16pm

A man staying in his car at a rest stop near the Tooele-Salt Lake County border was severely beaten with a baseball bat early Friday.

Review: 7 outdoor products for late-summer fun

Grant Olsen, Contributor  |  Posted  Aug 26th - 11:39am

With summer vanishing before our very eyes, it’s time to plan at least a couple more adventures while the warm weather is here. This review looks at a handful of products that may be a good fit for your next outing.

Health officials investigating viral meningitis flare-up at Utah County school

Daphne Chen  |  Posted  Aug 26th - 11:23am

Health officials are investigating multiple cases of viral meningitis among students at the same school in Utah County, the Utah County Health Department announced Friday.

Groups sues Obama administration in challenge of oil and gas development

Amy Joi O'Donoghue  |  Posted  Aug 26th - 8:29am

Environmental groups are challenging the Obama administration over 397 leases issued for potential oil and gas development on nearly 380,000 acres in three Western states, including Utah. A lawsuit asserts the leasing ignores climate change.

Utah parents unsatisfied with Mylan's efforts to lower EpiPen costs

Daphne Chen  |  Posted  Aug 26th - 7:47am

"I agree the system is broken," said University of Utah Health Care's director of drug information, Erin Fox. "But there's no reason why they can't lower the price."

Man charged with 3 aggravated murders ordered to stand trial

McKenzie Romero  |  Posted  Aug 26th - 7:31am

At the close of a four-day preliminary hearing, a 20-year-old man was ordered Thursday to stand trial for triple aggravated murder.

Sodalicious files counterclaim in 'dirty' soda feud with Swig

Ben Lockhart  |  Posted  Aug 26th - 7:14am

Sodalicious has filed a counterclaim against Swig in the ongoing legal battle between the two soda shops, contending Swig's initial lawsuit was filed in "bad faith" and demanding that its trademark of the term "dirty" be canceled.

Are wolves a 'Miracle' in Yellowstone? Science seeks answers

John Hollenhorst  |  Posted  Aug 25th - 10:58pm

Are wolves responsible for a "miracle" that "changed the rivers" of Yellowstone? That provocative claim in a widely seen 2014 YouTube video has ignited excitement about the impact of wolves on their environment. But what does the science say?

Climate change taking toll on the American pika in the West

Brady McCombs, Associated Press  |  Posted  Aug 25th - 9:28pm

Populations of a rabbit-like animal known as the American pika are vanishing in many mountainous areas of the West as climate change alters its habitat, according to findings released Thursday by the U.S. Geological Survey.

Deputies affix Thin Blue Line flag atop of Box Elder County peak

Ben Lockhart  |  Posted  Aug 25th - 8:51pm

Four Box Elder County sheriff's deputies made their way to the top of a mountainous peak Thursday to hoist an American flag a little higher — and to stake their own Thin Blue Line flag in a gesture of gratitude.

Roy woman struggling to prove she’s alive after government declares her dead

McKenzie Romero  |  Posted  Aug 25th - 7:34pm

Barbara Murphy isn't dead. But the federal government thinks she has been deceased for two years.

West Jordan councilman pleads not guilty to leaving scene of accident

Ben Lockhart  |  Posted  Aug 25th - 7:03pm

A West Jordan councilman accused of leaving the scene of a crash during an alleged drunken episode pleaded not guilty Thursday.

Armed Forces insignias against dress code in Jordan School District?

Keith McCord  |  Posted  Aug 25th - 6:10pm

Some parents in the Jordan School District are upset over the school dress code their kids brought home. It said students can not wear clothing with military insignia. The district says that is not its policy.

Family who nearly lost cabins in fire snaps 'angelic' photo

Nate Eaton,  |  Posted  Aug 25th - 5:58pm

Jeanette Empey has titled the photo “The Fireman’s Guardian.” If you take a close look, you’ll see why.

Man arrested for allegedly filming young girls in Harrisville thrift store

Pat Reavy  |  Posted  Aug 25th - 5:15pm

Harrisville police arrested a man last week for allegedly filming young girls inside a Deseret Industries store.

Reward offered in devastating Tooele fire

Pat Reavy  |  Posted  Aug 25th - 4:44pm

Tooele officials are offering a $1,000 reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the person responsible for an arson fire in July that destroyed 10 mobile homes and severely damaged at least eight more.

Evan McMullin campaign hitting, missing presidential ballot deadlines

Dennis Romboy  |  Posted  Aug 25th - 4:15pm

Utah native and anti-Trump presidential candidate Evan McMullin continues to hit and miss deadlines as his campaign furiously tries to get on election ballots across the country.

6 essential tips for online car shoppers

Cosette Jarrett, Contributor  |  Posted  Aug 25th - 3:30pm

Online car shopping has made the process of purchasing a vehicle exponentially easier. Although this convenience is fantastic, it’s still important to follow guidelines from traditional car buying. Here are 6 essential tips for online car shopping.

Police want to examine phone of man shot, killed by officers

Pat Reavy  |  Posted  Aug 25th - 3:02pm

Clearfield police want to examine the cellphone of a man shot and killed by officers on a rooftop earlier this month.