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Fighting back after baby's death, endometrial cancer

Natalie Dicou for University Of Utah Health Care  |  Posted  Oct 13th - 2:43pm

Losing her baby was the most devastating event Carri Lyons ever faced, but life didn't cut her a break after it dealt her that tragedy...

Have You Seen This? Barbie convinces girl to paint her nails

Megan Marsden Christensen  |  Posted  Oct 13th - 1:15pm

A little girl got busted for painting her Barbie with blue nail polish, but she did have a pretty good excuse for the misbehavior.

Becker, Biskupski virtually tied in mayoral race, poll shows

Katie McKellar  |  Posted  Oct 13th - 12:53pm

The latest poll released Tuesday shows Salt Lake City Mayor Ralph Becker and his rival Jackie Biskupski are grid-locked in a virtual tie in their bid for mayor just three weeks away from Election Day.

Cyclist in critical condition after early morning crash

Celeste Tholen Rosenlof  |  Posted  Oct 13th - 12:52pm

A bicyclist is in extremely critical condition after a car struck them and pushed them 50 feet.

Fugitive surrenders after SWAT uses tear gas at Millcreek home

Shara Park and Linda Williams  |  Posted  Oct 13th - 12:51pm

A SWAT situation unfolded Monday night after police say a fugitive hid in the attic of a house.

$500, apology letter sent to Orem 25 years after park vandalism

Tracie Snowder  |  Posted  Oct 13th - 12:47pm

An act of kindness by a man trying to make things right after years of having a guilty conscience is going viral.

Creating a community of innovation: the Lassonde Entrepreneur Institute

Carrie Rogers-Whitehead, Contributor  |  Posted  Oct 13th - 11:59am

The University of Utah's Lassonde Entrepreneur Institute is building an innovative, $45 million building to support their students and entrepreneurship. Learn more about their programs and the building which will open fall 2016.

What's the strangest thing you've hooked while fishing?

Grant Olsen, Contributor  |  Posted  Oct 13th - 11:29am

We recently asked readers to share the strangest lures they've used to catch fish and the comments were incredible. In this follow-up, we ask readers to share the most bizarre things they've caught while fishing.

45k payday loans still unpaid after 10 week max, Utah report finds

Natalie Crofts  |  Posted  Oct 13th - 11:17am

More than 45,000 loans from payday lenders in Utah went unpaid by the 10-week limit in 2014, according to a new state report. The average annual interest rate was 481.77 percent.

Dreamy layer-lapse video highlights Utah, Southwest

Martha Ostergar  |  Posted  Oct 13th - 10:33am

Two filmmakers included Utah in a video passion project they traveled 3,000 miles to complete.

The truth about addiction

Cory A. Reich, Ph.D. Executive Clinical Director The Phoenix Recovery & Counseling Centers  |  Posted  Oct 13th - 10:10am

One Saturday morning I received the call; the call nobody ever hopes to experience in their lifetime. The tone and cadence of my father-in-law's voice clearly indicated that something was seriously wrong.

Tuesday's straw vote won't end Medicaid expansion efforts, Gov. Herbert says

Lisa Riley Roche,dennis Romboy  |  Posted  Oct 13th - 8:35am

Gov. Gary Herbert said he's optimistic his efforts to expand Medicaid in Utah won't end when House Republicans meet behind closed doors Tuesday to take a straw vote on the latest proposal.

Police look for alleged bank robber, consider her armed and dangerous

Celeste Tholen Rosenlof  |  Posted  Oct 13th - 8:21am

Police are looking for a woman who they believe was involved in a bank robbery Wednesday night.

Dixie State rebranding, but university name will stay

The Associated Press  |  Posted  Oct 13th - 7:59am

Dixie State University is planning changes to its mascot and school nickname, but officials say they won't alter the official name that some say has racist connotations.

US Supreme Court rejects appeal from Utah death row inmate

The Associated Press  |  Posted  Oct 13th - 7:40am

The U.S. Supreme Court has rejected an appeal from a death row inmate convicted in the brutal killing of a woman 29 years ago.

'Once-in-a-lifetime' find could be a WWII bomb, rock hunter says

Jed Boal  |  Posted  Oct 12th - 10:35pm

A Utah rock hound recently stumbled across the find of a lifetime in Tooele County's western desert. Now he's waiting on Air Force officials tell him whether it's an unexploded bomb.

Utah governor meets with elementary school students, teachers

Morgan Jacobsen  |  Posted  Oct 12th - 10:34pm

State leaders met with students and teachers Monday to better understand the needs of Utah's schools. It was a meeting teachers and students hope will translate into helpful action when the Legislature convenes in January.

Lee says he is not interested in House speakership

Lisa Riley Roche  |  Posted  Oct 12th - 10:33pm

Another Utahn saw his name surface over the weekend as a potential U.S. House speaker — Sen. Mike Lee, R-Utah.

SLC endorses social media tool that connects neighborhoods

Tori Jorgensen  |  Posted  Oct 12th - 10:33pm

Social media is known for its ability to connect people throughout the globe, but Salt Lake City launched an initiative Monday to support using social media as a connection between neighbors.

Woman found dead in mobile home had been missing since Friday, family says

Pat Reavy and Sandra Yi  |  Posted  Oct 12th - 10:33pm

The children of Noelia Popoca, who was found dead in a mobile home Sunday, say they knew as early as Friday something was wrong.