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Ogden Police Officer Gets Fired, Fights Back

   |  Posted Jan 29th, 2007 @ 12:03pm


(KSL Newsradio, Andrew Adams/AP)

A former Ogden police officer has been officially fired and he's fighting back.

Matt Jones didn't like having a ticket quota as criteria for a pay raise and was behind a slogan on a moving van that criticized the mayor and the city for it. He says that was the reason he was canned, not because of what the city claims--that he stole wallets of undocumented immigrants.

Matt Jones: "That's the whole reason I worked for low wages and worked bad hours is to uphold the law and for them to accuse me of the same thing is just crazy to me."

Matt Jones was let go following an internal investigation into alleged policy violations, which includes claims he stole the wallets of some illegal immigrants during two traffic stops.

Jones received his termination letter in the mail on Friday.

However, the three-year officer believes his firing has more to do with his political involvement than wrongdoing. Jones openly opposed the city's ticket-writing policy last year, saying it was unfair to partly gauge pay raises on how many traffic citations an officer hands out. However, city officials deny Jones' discipline had anything to do with his views.

Jones plans to challenge his dismissal before the Ogden Civil Service Commission, a panel that decides firefighter and police personnel appeals.

(The Associated Press contributed to this report.)

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