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The Right New Year's Resolutions

   |  Posted Dec 28th, 2006 @ 2:45pm


Paul Nelson Reporting

Are New Year's resolutions possible to keep, really? Life coaches say, "yes," but many people may be setting themselves up for failure to start the new year.

Some people feel they're so bad at keeping their resolution, they hire a professional.

Jeannette Maw, Good Vibe Coaching owner: "This is when coaches do big business for resolutions, and coaches don't take breaks this time of year."

She says many people make resolutions for things they really couldn't care less about.

Jeannette Maw: "If you're not really inspired to follow through on this, you're shooting yourself in the foot by even setting your self up for something that you don't truly want."

Maw says tracking progress through baby steps is an effective way to keep resolutions. She says some life coaches suggest overindulging on what you're trying to quit, and you may get sick of that item.

Jeannette Maw: "It didn't work for me."

Her resolution that year was to eat less chocolate.

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