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New GPS System Lets Parents Keep Track of Children

   |  Posted Apr 12th, 2006 @ 7:06am


(KSL News) A new GPS system for cell phones raises privacy concerns, but allows parents to keep close tabs on their children and away from sex offenders.

It's called Cat Trax and it works with Nextel phones.

Some of the applications: it can monitor children on their way to and from school, teens out at night, or college students on road trips. And users can set safe zones, around home, school, or friends' houses. Alerts go off whenever someone enters or exits that area.

Then, Cat Trax goes one step farther. It knows the locations of registered sexual predators. If a child gets near one of those addresses, a warning is sent to parents.

The cost, including the rest of the phone plan, is about 60 dollars a month.

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