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Bottled Water Policy Leads to Controversy with Some Firefighters

   |  Posted Jul 18th, 2007 @ 3:27pm


Marc Giauque, KSL Newsradio

Some Salt Lake City firefighters are unhappy with the mayor's policy on bottled water. And a recent assignment they say appeared to violate that policy.

Water from a cooler, not a bottle, that's the directive given to firefighters as part of the Mayor's environmental efforts. But it hit a snag when some firefighters were asked by the city to help a group of local volunteers by, among other things, bringing them bottled water.

Mayor Rocky Anderson's spokesman, Patrick Thronson, says the mayor's office knew nothing about it. He says, "So, I arranged for some water coolers and recycled cups instead of bottled water."

The firefighter's Union says the water was donated and secured before the mayor's program started. A spokesman, though, says the timing was kind of bad.

Union says it isn't overly concerned about it. A spokesman says replacing bottled water with coolers and cups is working well so far, even though it is not as convenient.

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