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U.S. Orders Recall of a Couple Products Made in China

   |  Posted Jul 6th, 2007 @ 6:00pm


(KSL News) The U.S. has ordered a recall on a couple products made in China. It's the latest in a string of recalls of Chinese-made goods.

This recall includes children's jewelry coated with toxic lead and a magnetic building set that poses a choking hazard to children. The U.S. routinely issues such recalls. But since a large share of products sold here are made in China, a large percentage of the recalls involve Chinese-made products.

Julie Vallese, with the Consumer Product Safety Commission, says, "When it boils down to, their products not being sold because there may be a safety concern. They'll start getting it."

The Consumer Product Safety Commission is behind 24 toy recalls this year, all from China.

Still, China is trying to reassure its best customer. Today, a second government official was sentenced to death for accepting bribes to be lax on safety. For more information on the latest recalls, go to the related link on the right.

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