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What Were the Major Legislative Topics This Year?

Originally aired: Friday, March 10, 2017

As the Legislative sessions winds down for 2017, some hugely debated topics are starting to see more clarity. KSL NewsRadio's Drew Steele talks with Gene Davis who defends Obamacare, and is also encouraged by progress the legislature has made with education funding. Christine Cooke also chats with Drew about education and that intergenerational poverty was a big topic at this session and understand the importance of local control of education. Of course, public lands were primary factors in this session as well. Drew talks with Matt Anderson and Ralph Okerlund Public Lands and how Okerlund backingto conservation to maintain Utah's great resource of public lands. Anderson defends state control of these lands and says that Utah knows them best and will do the best job maintaining and conserving. Also, Okerlund wants to take another look at Bears Ears as a National Monument.