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Cubs Give Championship Rings to All Staff but There's a Catch

Originally aired: Thursday, April 20, 2017

Alex Kirry and Ethan Millard praise the Chicago Cubs and the Ricketts for buying more than 1900 World Series rings and pins for all staff of the Cubs after winning the championship for the first time in 108 years.  But making the staff sign a buy back clause of that championship ring isn't a cool move according to Ethan.  The players didn't have to sign an agreement to this and the purpose is to discourage selling the rings on the black market for a big profit.   Also, a #zenheadlines story featuring the amazing retirement job for a man of a cliff-set Hermitage in Austria.  The pipe-smoking old man was chosen from thousands of international Applications before choosing Stan VanUtrick from Belgium, is 58 years old and is now the town's official Hermit. Retirement fit for a lonely dude.