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Join Ethan Millard and Alex Kirry for a younger, modern brand of talk radio. The Nightside Project covers politics and news of the day with comic flair and even a little satire.

Saturday, May 27, 2017

Friday, May 26, 2017

  • Homeless Man Becomes Hero After Helping Manchester Arena Attack Victims
    Stephen Jones, 35, was homeless and sleeping near England’s Manchester Arena when he heard a huge blast as the recent Ariana Grande concert was coming to an end. Upon seeing the chaos he ran into the crowds to help the injured and is now being lauded as a hero with many people donating thousands of dollars towards getting him back on his feet.
  • Homeless Helped Bombing Victims Moments after Manchester Attack
    These could have been #zenheadlines on their own, but homeless man who was present when a suicide bomber launched a deadly attack at a packed concert hall in the English city of Manchester on Monday night has spoken out about the horrors he witnessed at the venue. Stephen Jones, who was sleeping outdoors near Manchester Arena at the time of the attack helped others escape the horror after the explosions.  Man uses a 2nd Grade class to help him propose to his girlfriend, her second grade class that she teaches.  
  • Venezuelan Protester Plays Violin During Tear Gas
    Ethan Millard and Alex Kirry kick off the show discussing a morbidly obese wild monkey who gorged himself on junk food and soda left behind by tourists in Thailand has been rescued and placed on a strict diet of lean protein, fruits and vegetables.  The 33lb long-tailed macaque - nicknamed 'Uncle Fatty' - had been getting fed sugary melons, milkshakes, sweetcorn and noodles, by visitors to a floating water market in Bangkok. Plus, a #zenheadlines that kicks off your weekend right, He first moved fellow Venezuelans and the Twittersphere when some weeks ago he joined the street protests in Caracas armed with his violin.  A violinists who had his instrument bashed is now seeing an outpouring of kindness.      

Thursday, May 25, 2017

  • Microsoft Designer Invents Wearable Device to Help Women with Parkinson's
    Graphic designer, Emma Lawton was 29 she was diagnosed with Parkinson's disease and the tremor in her hands has grown more pronounced stopping her from writing and drawing straight lines. Microsoft Innovation Director, Haiyan Zhang has come up with a groundbreaking wearable device, changing Emma's life forever.
  • Audio of Montana Congressional Candidate Allegedly Assaulting Reporter
     Ethan and Alex listen to the crazy audio out of a now, even crazier congressional seat in Montana.  The Republican candidate, Greg Gianforte, in a hotly contested special House election in the Big Sky State was charged with assaulting a journalist, Ben Jacobs at what was to be a final rally in Bozeman on the eve of the vote. The attack brought police officers to the event and sent the reporter to the hospital for X-rays. an incredible #zenheadlines story,   A firework accident left 11-year-old Ashton Kesler with no fingers on his right hand, but Joliet high school students helped him gain a prosthetic hand for free.  Ashton and his aunt, Jessica, and uncle, David Hornbeck, came to Joliet Central High School on Thursday to see the final product of the prosthetic hand, created by the
  • Hot Air Balloon Hunting now a thing in Texas
    Alex Kirry and Ethan Millard discuss Texas' addition to making America great again.  Hot Air Balloon Pig Hunting...Texas has a Big Pig Problem and this is a way to fix it.  Millions of feral Pigs destroy Millions of Dollars worth of crops every year and the state Senate has figured out one of the ways to solve it with these Hot air Balloon hunts.   Hogs were introduced to Texas more than 300 years ago, probably by early Spanish explorers for meat. A burgeoning feral population of more than 2m has developed after several of the tusked animals escaped captivity, with their opportunistic feeding blamed for about $50m in damages a year from devoured and uprooted crops. Cute #zenheadlines ahead!  A job opening at a Dublin veterinary clinic is getting a ton of attention because, well, it ba

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

  • Man Creates the Most Amazing Car Ad Ever Seen
      Israel-based Latvian visual effects artist, Eugene Romanovsky created one of the greatest ads we've ever seen to sell his 21-year-old Suzuki Vitara on the web. He has added the iconic vehicle into well known scenes such as driving under a T-Rex from Jurassic Park, leading the charge in Mad Max: Fury Road, running with animals in Planet Earth and many more.  
  • Man sues Vegas Casino after Mannequin in Room Freaks Him Out
    Alex Kirry and Ethan Millard rule on today's episode in a case concerning a mannequin, a Vegas Casino and a litigious customer.   Kent Jacobs Boutwell, a resident of Southern California, has filed a lawsuit against the Planet Hollywood Las Vegas Resort & Casino after he was injured while fleeing a life-sized mannequin that was included among his room’s decor.  His "undefinable" injuries include his entire body and mind. This guys stinks.  So does the Casino decor. And a #zenheadlines sent in by a listener via twitter that inspires.  Chapman university has awarded an honorary degree to Judy O'Conner the mother of a quadriplegic student, Marty O'Conner, after she attended every class with him and took his notes while he pursued his Master of Business Administration.  Mom of the Year
  • Kid Who Stole Pen from Oregon Capitol gets Pardon
    Ethan Millard and Alex Kirry get judicial and rule on a tough case...During a tour of the state capitol in Oregon, a fourth-grader named Sam swiped a pen and a hazelnut. When his mom found out, she made him write a letter to the governor as an apology. Governor Kate Brown wrote Sam back, accepting his apology. She also enclosed a new pen for him to remember this event.  Alex says the parents are to blame for thinking the swag pen was valuable.   Today's zenheadlines story brings Garage Sale hounds the kind of hope they are always looking for...  A ring bought for about $13 at a garage sale in London in the 80s has been valued at over $400,000, according to the listing at Sotheby’s. The buyer assumed the ring was a piece of costume jewelry and only decided in the last few months to

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

  • San Francisco Business to Set Up a 'Rat Cafe'
    We're breaking down a 'Zen Headline' today that is supposed to be relaxing and helpful, unless you like rats. For a limited release this summer, San Francisco will host a coffee shop but not just any cafe, a 'rat cafe'. Customers will be able to enjoy coffee and pastries in the company of the critters, hosted by the tourist attraction, the San Francisco Dungeon.
  • Study, Instagram Is the Worst Social Media For Mental Health
    Ethan Millard and Alex Kirry discuss a new study that says Instagram is the worst social media network for young people's mental health, according to a new report by the Royal Society for Public Health in the U.K. And Snapchat is the second worst. "FOMO" — aka the fear of missing out — may not be listed in the American Psychiatric Association's manual of mental disorders, but users who spent more than two hours a day on social media are more likely to report poor mental health and symptoms of anxiety and depression.   Alex complains that field day at his kids' school has eliminated races and competition because it doesn't foster good enough feelings for everyone.  Garbage. Then a #zenheadlines Ethan brings up of the Invertebrate Olympics that a middle school teacher in North Dakota i
  • School District To Send Delinquent Lunch Accounts to Collections
    Ethan Millard and Alex Kirry discuss the Canyons School District in Utah that has proposed a new policy to pay for school lunches that officials hope will strike a balance between feeding students and holding parents accountable for overdue lunch funds. Since 2014, the district's 34,000 students have been able to charge school lunches on an account if their lunch funds are in the negative. It's an unlimited amount for elementary students and up to $10 for high school students. With more that $16K of outstanding debt, they might send the parents to collections.  An old school Nightside fight ensues.   And an amazing #zenheadlines story.  When Rebekah Ceidro, 33, saw on Facebook last July that her longtime co-worker Chris Moore was in need of a kidney, her altruism kicked into gear.  But

Monday, May 22, 2017

  • George W. Bush Photobombs Camera While Attending Texas Rangers Game
    (VIDEO) George W. Bush once owned the Texas Rangers and even though he sold the team in 1998, he still frequently goes to games. As he was heading towards his seat, Fox Sports Southwest’s cameras caught Bush on TV photobombing sideline reporter Emily Jones McCoy.
  • Girl Pulled From Dock by Sea Lion, Heroics Ensue
    Ethan Millard and Alex Kirry watch the dramatic video taken at a dock in British Columbia shows a sea lion grab a little girl and drag her into the water and a fast-thinking family member dive in after to save her.    Michael Fujiwara captured video on his cell phone of a sea lion swimming in the water at the Steveston Fisherman's Wharf if Richmond, British Columbia on Saturday.  All while the millennial with the cellphone camera filmed the whole thing without putting down his Starbucks Coffee...The girl is okay and the pier owner says that he's warned people about not feeding the sea lions before the attack.   #zenheadlines take a funny turn when Ethan brings a Rat Cafe story to the table where people can enjoy their coffee with Rats for table mates in the San Francisco Dungeon in