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Join Ethan Millard and Alex Kirry for a younger, modern brand of talk radio. The Nightside Project covers politics and news of the day with comic flair and even a little satire.

Thursday, March 30, 2017

  • Sasquatch Causes Women to Hit Deer
    The news story of a women hitting a deer out of Moscow, Idaho, has a caused quite a couple questions for the Nightside guys. Apparently, she was distracted by the sight of Sasquatch (even though there was no apparent evidence in the immediate area) and ran into a deer, which leads Ethan Millard to question Alex Kirry's reasoning that Sasquatch is actually real and that D.B. Cooper is still alive...
  • "BreakRoom" Gives People Chance to Relieve Stress By Breaking Stuff
    How do you relieve stress?  Alex Kirry and Ethan Millard talk about a new concept popping up around the country, The BreakRoom.  A Room designed to let one get out their angst by breaking a variety of things to get out any feelings of stress and anxiety and anger.  Alex loves the idea out of Atlanta that allowed Falcons fans to break New England Patriots stuff after losing the Super Bowl but Ethan thinks its encouraging uncontrollable rage.  A Crime Family in Italy has been busted for plotting to steal the body of famous race car family patriarch Enzo Ferrari from the family crypt.  They failed, thank goodness.  And a Paralyzed man regained the control of his body with the help of implanted computers in his brain that allow him to control machines with his mind to help him eat, drink
  • Utah Indoor Football Fans Reject Signing Greg Hardy
    The fans have spoken and when the Utah Indoor Football team the Screamin' Eagles put it to the fans to see if they should sign former NFL Probowl Defensive End Greg Hardy to its roster, it was a very close vote but the fans decided against it.  Ethan Millard says that Hardy should have had a second chance at least in a lesser league but Alex Kirry says if he wants a second chance, its more embarrassing to start out at an arena league team than plugging away looking for an NFL try out.  Team owner Norm McDonald of SNL fame hasn't commented on the matter but has said in the past that the commitment to fans deciding the outcome is their model.  Plus, a zenheadline featuring another 100 year old man, this time Bill Hansen who wanted nothing more on his 100-year birthday than to go back to h

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

  • Child Donates Savings to Parent's Date Night
    Alex and Ethan break down the recent story of 10-year-old Chelsy-Lee Ordones De Cross of Sydney, Australia who broke into her piggy bank and gave all of her savings to her parents so they could go out on and have their very own special date night. We all would like to think that our kids would do the same thing except Ethan believes he needs to introduce some hardship into his children's lives to get the same result.
  • President Trump Refuses Ceremonial First Pitch Invite
    In a long line of Presidents before him, since 1910 to be precise, Donald Trump will be the first to not participate in the ceremonial first pitch to start out the major league baseball season at the Washington Nationals opening day.  Though Trump played baseball for much of his youth and into young adulthood, Alex Kirry and Ethan Millard will try to understand why the President won't do it.  Ethan says he wants the President to reconsider, Alex gets that this is a guy who is all about image and something like a first pitch will be diced up and ridiculed forever if it goes poorly.  The Zenheadline is a breaking feelgood news story that Bob Dylan will finally accept the Nobel Prize from its committee in Stockholm Sweden after initially ignoring the institution.  Aren't they lucky to get
  • Our Interview With Utah Toilet Paper Protester
    The Nightside Project's hosts Alex Kirry and Ethan Millard were contacted after their episode featuring the UVU (Utah Valley University) toilet paper protest.  '2-plys matter', or whatever you want to call their movement got even more crazy when their leader, Justin Bradford came on the show today to defend himself from the social media backlash that accuses him and other millennials of not learning how to wipe properly.  He then drops the bombshell on the Nightside Project that he doesn't even go to school there.   The #zenheadline in this episode contains the great story of Britain's Oldest Man at 109 years old who refused a card from Queen Elizabeth because he says that she "looks miserable all the time"   

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

  • University Students Protest Single-Ply Toilet Paper
    Ethan Millard and Alex Kirry talk about the developing story out of Utah Valley University, the largest public University in the state, whose student body, at least some of them, are outraged by the lack of wiping power their tuition payments provide.  a petition has gone up and the school officials have heard form the student advocacy group who is heading up this campaign to wipe out this problem.  We hate ourselves for that pun.  Charmin was unable to be reached for a comment but the guys test the toilet paper at KSL to see if it deserves a protest.  Steve Dempster of England is asking people to boycott a restaurant for calling their baby a weird freak for her order of a small omelette. And in a touching move, an Aussie teen head her parents were short on cash for a date a
  • Woman Says Sasquatch Caused Car Accident
    Woman in Moscow Idaho hit a deer with her car so of course instead of just copping to hitting the deer and just leaving it at that, she blamed it on the old pacific northwest legend of Sasquatch jumping out into the road.  Alex Kirry and Ethan Millard fight about the existence of Sasquatch aka bigfoot, but Ethan doesn't have time for Alex's logic that "science hasn't disproved it yet" theory.  Then the zenheadline is an inspiring tale of Jonathan Koch, a Hollywood executive of amazing health who fell ill with a terrible infection after a flight to Washington DC, which turned out to be fortuitous since the infection took his left hand and they were able to perform a full wrist-to-hand transplant.  He is now left handed.  The medical technology has come a long way and his fully functioni
  • University Students Demand New Toilet Paper
    Students at the Utah Valley University have addressed issues with their current bathroom situation, the toilet paper is too thin. Alex Kirry can see exactly what they're talking about, while Ethan Millard has some pretty hot takes on the messy situation. Most importantly, how do we have such advanced public facilities throughout the country but no standardization of bidets?

Monday, March 27, 2017

  • The Most Interesting Chinese Buffet... in Utah
    Alex Kirry and Ethan Millard are joined by KSL Newsradio News Director, Sheryl Worsley, to review some investigative reporting on the curious "Hong Kong Chinese Restaurant" located in Fillmore, Utah. From the outside, the restaurant almost looks abandoned. Run down, weeds in the parking lot and usually no one parked outside. Ethan actually describes the scene as a potential shooting location for the TV show The Walking Dead. Nightside fans have tried to eat at the restaurant but the buffet is always empty and they are forced to order off the menu. But in an instant, the restaurant fills to capacity and the buffet trays are magically stocked when Chinese tour buses pull up. Hong Kong Chinese Restaurant: The bathrooms are interesting, the food is mediocre, but the experience is priceles
  • Family Of London Terror Victims: "No Ill Will"
    Kurt Cochran was killed in the terror attack on Westminster Bridge in London. His wife, Melissa, was severely injured. They are both from our area of Salt Lake City, Utah. Ethan and Alex were shocked to read the Cochran family state that they harbor no ill will over the attack.  That Kurt always focused on the positive and that's what they'll do. Do you have the strength to do that? A telemarketer hawking student loan debt options also tried calling Alex during the program. An attempt was made to get the call on the air but it failed.  Too bad. Alex also tells the story of an elderly woman in his neighborhood who listens to The Nightside Project podcast on her Kindle.  Apparently she loves to hate to listen. Our #zenheadlines moment was about a father named Ben Ryan.  His son Sol was b
  • Reeses Saved Easter!
    On Twitter, @naletto clued Ethan and Alex in to a major Easter development: New Reeses peanut butter eggs.  They are shaped like a real egg and resemble the classic Cadbury Creme Egg. A listener named Kaleb (@kalebnotksl) also hit us up on Twitter and mentioned that he had listened to an old episode from last year.  He said it was "interesting" to see how the podcast has changed. He didn't elaborate beyond that so Ethan and Alex assumed it was an insult. Our #zenheadlines segment was teed up to us also from Twitter.  Thanks to Jennifer Donohue (@skippy_02) for this great story: Teddy is a rescue puppy born with stumps for feet.  Barbara Bradley of Wake Forest, North Carolina adopted him and went to some local experts for a solution.  Out of her own pocket, she spent almost $3,000 for

Sunday, March 26, 2017

  • Monkeys Save Man in Rainforest
    We have a Zen Headline coming your way about the recent story of Maykool Coroseo Acuña being lost in the Bolivian rainforest for 9 days and was only kept alive by a group of monkeys bringing him fruits and bugs to survive on. This may be our best Zen Headline yet because it is basically The Jungle Book.

Saturday, March 25, 2017

  • Upgrade Your Jail Cell For a Price
    The Nightside guys talk about the recent story of city jails in the Los Angeles area being upgraded for a price, ranging from $25-$250 per night. Amenities include are: 24/7 gym, business center, flat-screen televisions, spa, personal masseuse and many others. Somehow going to jail has become a personal vacation in LA county.

Friday, March 24, 2017

  • Man Saved By Monkeys After 9 Days in Amazon Jungle
    First Alex Kirry and Ethan Millard deliver their judgement on California luxury jails that prisoners can upgrade their jail time by paying a lot of money to escape the regular jail cell experience as well as to lift the population problems off of the county jail systems of Los Angeles County.  Even Sexual assault felons can upgrade their jail time.  terrible.  Also, First World problems from listeners' facebook comments!  they are amazing.  And a Zenheadline from a man who was rescued from the Amazon after 9 days claiming that Monkeys gave him food and led him to a place where he could be found.  Chilean Man thanks the moneys and praises God.