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Join Ethan Millard and Alex Kirry for a younger, modern brand of talk radio. The Nightside Project covers politics and news of the day with comic flair and even a little satire.

Sunday, April 23, 2017

  • Lemonade Stands Sales are About to Skyrocket
    (VIDEO) If you're against little kids trying to make a couple bucks then you may not enjoy today's 'Zen Headline'. Utah has passed SB81, a bill allowing the occasional business operated by minors without permits or licenses. A fiscal note for the bill estimates that the reform will save 'home based' business about $800,000 a year in taxes!

Saturday, April 22, 2017

  • Canadian Beaver Herds Over 150 Cows
    (VIDEO) Today's 'Zen Headline' is brought to you directly from Canada with it's national animal, the beaver, leading a herd of cows throughout a ranch. With that being said, there is almost literally nothing more Canadian than a beaver herding 150 cattle.
  • JayMac Joins Alex in Ethan's Place, Does Okay
    Jay McFarland of KSL Newsradio's JayMac News Show joins Alex today in for a vacationing Ethan Millard and breaks down the REAL deal on American and Russian relations plus, KSL Newsradio is doing something totally new, a fiction podcast that JayMac wrote and performed himself called "Hosts of Eden" which is now available on your podcasts to hear the first two episodes.  A Sci-Fi thriller that melds politics and otherworldly forces together to entertain you.  Its story telling at its finest. So good a story in fact, that the Mystery Escape Room in Salt Lake City is making a room surrounding the story line.  Amazing.     Plus, Peace Cat is the newest animal that everyone loves across the world.  A white and marmalade colored cat that was recovered from the ruble of a bombed out ISIS cam

Friday, April 21, 2017

  • Russia Displays Dominance Over America with 'FOAB'
    (VIDEO) Footage has recently come out regarding the 'MOAB' explosion and Russia claims they have a non-nuclear bomb 4 times bigger than the 'MOAB' and they have perfectly defined it as, the 'FOAB'. American analysts has researched it and it looks like Russia may be correct but Alex Kirry has a bigger question, "If Russia has the biggest bomb but doesn't use it, does it even matter?"
  • President Trump vs. Vladimir Putin: Who has a Bigger Bomb? Who Cares?
    Alex Kirry and Ethan Millard talk about the recent development of the MOAB that was dropped as the largest non-nuclear bomb ever on ISIS, or IS caves in Afghanistan. But Russia comes out this week with Vladimir Putin claiming that they have the FOAB that is 4X the blasting capability of the US Military bomb previously dropped. President Trump has been using the MOAB as a big PR move for him to talk about how tough he is but Putin won't be out done in this pissing match.   Canadian Beaver is making headlines and viral waves as the Furry bucktoothed animal was caught on camera in a Farmer's field herding a herd of cattle.  The cows and heifers were mesmerized by Canada's official animal and recognized him as their leader and the world watched on YouTube like the suckers we are for wild ani
  • Woman Creates Charity Celebrating Homeless Kids' Birthdays
    Alex Kirry and Ethan Millard first discuss North Korea's threat to lay waste to South Korea and the United States Mainland, reducing it to what they call ashes.  At what point do we just drop the Moab on this teapot tyrant?  Kim Jong Un, aka Kim Jong Fatty gets so brazen in his stupid threats that there is no way this cat is going to last.   Plus, a #zenheadlines story that will be very happy times for all.  Imagine being a homeless child and never having a birthday celebrated, ever.  That was the case when Megan Yunn was working at her job as director of volunteer programs at a small university near Pittsburgh and decided to start a program to celebrate the birthdays for children who can often be over looked.  Beverley's Birthday's was born.  

Thursday, April 20, 2017

  • Starbucks Barista has Meltdown over Unicorn Frappuccino
    Ethan Millard and Alex Kirry talk about a Starbucks barista who has taken to social media hoping to discourage orders of the coffee chain's viral Unicorn Frappuccino . Starbucks' multi-colored, sour-flavored, unicorn drink was released this week and its popularity was too much for 19-year-old Colorado barista Braden Burson. He posted a video on Twitter after his shift complaining that it was difficult to keep up with orders for the drink and he's "never been so stressed out" in his life.  Screaming into the video that he has since deleted, hear his pleas.   And a zenheadline, featuring Utah's decision to let kids keep their lemonade stands without having a permit.  Our home state has finally lifted the tax burden for minors on the selling of homemade goods.  SB81, doin' work.   
  • Cubs Give Championship Rings to All Staff but There's a Catch
    Alex Kirry and Ethan Millard praise the Chicago Cubs and the Ricketts for buying more than 1900 World Series rings and pins for all staff of the Cubs after winning the championship for the first time in 108 years.  But making the staff sign a buy back clause of that championship ring isn't a cool move according to Ethan.  The players didn't have to sign an agreement to this and the purpose is to discourage selling the rings on the black market for a big profit.   Also, a #zenheadlines story featuring the amazing retirement job for a man of a cliff-set Hermitage in Austria.  The pipe-smoking old man was chosen from thousands of international Applications before choosing Stan VanUtrick from Belgium, is 58 years old and is now the town's official Hermit. Retirement fit for a lonely dude.
  • People are Losing it Over Starbucks' Unicorn Frappucino
    (VIDEO) Starbucks has released their latest drink, the Unicorn Frappucino and there are definitely mixed results. One Starbucks barista has gone viral after ranting about making the famous drink after it's initial release. Ethan and Alex role play on how the meeting with barista and his employer will eventually go and it doesn't end well.
  • Mom Finds Live Lizard Squirming in Food
    (VIDEO) We're complete suckers for stories with live or dead stuff in food BUT we just have one demand - there must be photos or video. Ethan and Alex also discuss what it would be like to find something like this in your food but don't worry the company ended up offering the customer a £6 for reimbursement and oddly enough, she wasn't having it...or the salad.

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

  • Do Buzzfeed Quizzes Actually Work?
    (VIDEO) Alex Kirry talks about the downside of target, getting called out on air, and we're going to start sending out dinosaur poop just as a "special" way of saying thank you to all of our listeners. We also try a Buzzfeed quiz to see if they can guess our birth date based on 5 fast food items around the world. We recommend you go try this immediately and see how effective it is!
  • 6-Hour Work Day Experiment in Sweden
    Alex Kirry and Ethan Millard talk today on the Nightside Project about the recent study done in Gothenberg, Sweden where 6-hour work days for the last two years for retirement home nurses made them more happy but cost the employers more in payroll to staff up the place.  But Healthcare costs did go down and employees were much happier only working 30 hours a week.  You would be too.   And a #zenheadlines story featuring "Speedy" the kid.  Not a kid, but a baby goat who saved a family from a fire.  Alex disputes these animal saving humans from fire stories that seem to be a little too good to be true.    Wiener, Ark. -- Speedy, the family pet, is now being dubbed a hero. "I was in the living room sleeping," said Abigail Bruce. The 10-year-old said her sleep was interrupted Saturday
  • British Olympian: North Korea Has Got a “Handle on Obesity”
    Alex Kirry and Ethan Millard listen to the ridiculous comments from British Olympic Gold Medalist James Cracknell makes a ham-fisted argument about controlling the obesity epidemic across the world by doing what North Korea and Cuba have done, by "behavior control" but really its by starving people.  Not a great look for a guy that is running for Parliament as a conservative.  Good to know that the US isn't the only place for crazy politicos.  And the #zenheadlines story that involves a 12-year old girl from Virginia saving her 12 year-old sister from a carjacker with her quick thinking that saved the girls from a much worse ordeal.  
  • "The Graduate" Turns 50! Mrs. Robinson is Still Creepy
    Alex Kirry and Ethan Millard chat about the upcoming 4K re-release of the 1967 iconic film "The Graduate" that featured a young Dustin Hoffman and the original creepy cougar, Mrs. Robinson.  The film is being released to 700 theaters nationwide as part of the Turner Classic Movies and their TCM Big Screen Classics that is releasing ground-breaking films of their times to wide audiences.   Tom Lucas of Fathom Events that is coordinating the nationwide effort of releasing the films, Joins Ethan and Alex to discuss the historical importance of The Graduate as well as jam about the other classics hitting the big screen this year and into next, films such as Casa Blanca, Fast Times at Ridgemont High, Bonnie and Clyde and Smokey and the Bandit, Just to name a few.

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

  • (VIDEO) Ethan Brings Poop into the Studio
    (VIDEO) Ethan Millard and Alex Kirry talk about today's hot topic, dinosaur poop. Ethan decided to drive to the middle of nowhere (south of Hanksville) in Utah and look for rocks that look like poo. We break down the different facets of said excretion, as well as try and get him to lick some.