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Join Ethan Millard and Alex Kirry for a younger, modern brand of talk radio. The Nightside Project covers politics and news of the day with comic flair and even a little satire.

Thursday, July 20, 2017

  • Gov. Chris Christie Catches Foul Ball, Catches Heat
    First off, Alex Kirry and Ethan Millard talk about a fast food incident in suburban Cleveland where police say a fast-food restaurant customer angry about the way his sandwich tasted and looked threatened to shoot somebody over it. Police say the 20-year-old man complained that the egg on his sandwich was runny and slimy and looked like spit. The South Euclid Police Department reported receiving a call Tuesday about a man storming into the Steak ’n Shake restaurant “acting crazy,” saying he had a gun and was going to shoot someone. Judge Kirry makes a ruling everyone can get on board with.   And Governor Christie Can't catch a break these days but he did get a foul ball at the Mets v. Cardinals game last night.  He then gave the ball to a young fan and then was promptly booed for
  • Chatty Parrot Helps Solve Murder Case
    A Pet parrot helped break the murder case of a woman in Michigan who was found guilty of murdering her husband after the bird was able to repeat "Don't Shoot".  The African Grey Parrot named bud is the hero in the case.   The first lady of Japan Akie Abe may have pretended not to speak English for nearly two hours to avoid speaking with President Trump during a G-20 summit dinner in early July. During Trump's recount of the dinner, the president told The New York Times he was seated next to the wife of Prime Minister of Japan Abe Shinzo, and that she doesn't speak English. Like, not "hello," Trump responded after being asked if the first lady speaks "zero" English.

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

  • Man Shoots 800-LB Wild Hog in His Front Yard
    Ethan Millard and Alex Kirry talk about their hero for the week...Samson, Alabama resident Wade Seago knew something was up outside of his home last week when the family's pet schnauzer, Cruiser, started barking constantly. The Seagos live on 100 acres in the rural south Alabama town. The property and surrounding area is teeming with wildlife so it's not unusual for their dog to bark at deer, raccoons or other wild visitors.  Wade didn't expect this though, an 820-lb pig in his front yard.  He shot him and is keeping the head.   Plus, Ethan tries out for the now-vacant opening for the voice of Kermit the Frog. Following the news that Disney has fired the longtime voice of Kermit the Frog, the actor is determined to shed light on the circumstances of his exit. Steve Whitmire went into

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

  • When artificial turf Isn't giving you cancer, Its burning you alive!
    With multiple days this year eclipsing the 100-degree mark and after receiving complaints about how hot artificial turf can get, KSL’s investigative team set out to take several temperature readings.  Ethan Millard and Alex Kirry shed some light on the issue after they complain about fake and real grass problems.   zenheadlines featuring a story from Kurt Twining, who pointed out a real life, positive Donald Trump story.  The has been praised for allowing an all-girl robotics team from Afghanistan to enter the US, despite his travel ban making it difficult for them to receive visas.  The six-girl team and their chaperone from Herat, Afghanistan, had two visa applications refused before a last-minute intervention by the US President allowed them to travel.  
  • VISA is Paying Small Businesses $10K to go 100% Cashless
    Alex Kirry and Ethan Millard talk about Visa, who is looking to push more small businesses into updating their digital payment technology, offering up to $10,000 each to 50 US-based small business owners that are committed to going cashless. The program will focus on restaurants and food establishments, Visa said last Wednesday, with the expectation that Visa will expand the program in the coming months and years to other industries and possibly other countries as well. The family of an Ohio man who returned to the U.S. comatose in April after suffering a traumatic brain injury from a car accident in the Republic of Georgia was given little chance of recovering by doctors who said they should be prepared to turn off his feeding tube within six months to a year.

Monday, July 17, 2017

  • Selfie Fail Causes $200,000 of Damage at Art Gallery
    Host Ethan Millard and guest host Taylor Powers shows a video of a pop-up art show in Los Angeles. There are lots of people come to look at the art and so  that means there are plenty of opportunities for a selfie. One woman crouches down in front of a display to take a selfie and knocks it down. This creates a domino effect and knocks over other displays. The gallery said it cost over 200 thousand dollars of damage. Selfies require extra work, so are they becoming more dangerous than they need to be?
  • Family Looking for a Doorbell Ditcher
    A family in Lehi, Utah are asking for everybody's help in catching a man who has been doorbell ditching for the last 6-8 weeks. Ethan Millard discusses the issue and shows a photo of the man to guest host Taylor Powers. The family says they have no idea who the man is and he's been doing it in the middle of the night every night for the past 6-8 weeks. Why did it take them so long to get the camera door bell? Why aren't they notifying police? Neighborhood watch programs might be able to help as well. In the end it is about this man doing a childish thing so the family is asking for your help.
  • Checking a Beer at the Airport
    For this Zenheadlines the Nightside crew got a tip about a man checking his beer at an airport in Australia. He rode Qantas Airlines with the idea of what could he check as luggage for his plane ride. So he put single tag on a beer can. It wasn't easy as the kiosk couldn't even read the weight. The man got creative and he successfully checked his beer and it was the first "piece of luggage" to come out of baggage claim to his destination. It might be tough to do in Salt Lake but that has nothing to do with our liquor laws.   Share a Zen Headline using #zenheadlines and we'll give you credit for it!

Friday, July 14, 2017

  • Man Proposes to Girlfriend and Her Sister with Down Syndrome
    Ashley Schaus, 23, and her little sister, Hannah, are not only siblings but best friends. So during a family photo shoot, Ashley's long time boyfriend Will knelt down and asked Hannah to be his "best friend forever,". Will then immediately turned to Hannah and proposed to her leading to tears of joy all-around. 
  • McDonald’s Apologizes For Poop Slide Incident
    McDonald’s has apologized to a mom whose 5-year-old son went down the slide and returned covered in feces. This (ahem, crappy) situation occurred at a McDonald’s playground in Manchester, New Hampshire.  Justina Whitmore later went on her Facebook to give her account about the story of her son and the poopy playground.  Whitmore suggests that the McDonald’s staff didn’t take the situation seriously. She claims to have been eating when her son approached her fresh from the slide covered in poop. A boy in Texas who works at the Katy Mills Mall Great American Cookies store was threatened with termination after he bought a police officer his cookie order with his own money, then refused to do the same for a family behind him.  The company has since apologized to the amazing kid.
  • Cookie Monster Doll Used to Smuggle Cocaine, Florida of Course
    Ethan Millard and Alex Kirry start off the program today with a tale of a Key West Florida man arrested this week for transporting 314 grams of cocaine police say he hid inside a Cookie Monster doll.  After finding a slit cut in the doll, officers found two packages containing 314 grams of cocaine, she said. The man was handed two felony charges for cocaine trafficking and drug equipment possession.  Ethan says bust him even harder because he used a kids toy to get this drug operation going.   Zenheadlines features  single family of six, along with another group of four swimmers, was almost swept away by a powerful rip current in Panama City, Florida beach on but were saved by Beachgoers, who had seen the family struggle against the tide, were determined to save them and formed a hum

Thursday, July 13, 2017

  • Snorting Chocolate is Apparently Becoming a New and Strange Trend
    We've seen a lot of strange trends over the years but this latest craze is one of the weirdest we've ever seen, and that's snorting chocolate powder. The powder itself is called 'Coco Loko'  and it's a cacao-based powder that's laced with common energy drink ingredients like gingko biloba, taurine, and guarana and spoilers, doctors aren't recommending it...
  • Inspirational Sports Tear Jerkers
    Ethan Millard welcomes former NFLers Jason Buck (BYU) and Scott Mitchell (Utah) to discuss their new podcast rivals and sports imitate life for these guys who tell some funny, inspirational and life-changing stories from their lives as professional athletes. For the Zenheadlines story, a college softball player from the University of Texas-El Paso inspires as she played through a massive injury... Kawehiokalani Netane, a senior softball player at UTEP, was given one final at-bat at the 2016 Conference USA tournament after tearing her ACL in April. Netane slapped a single to center field and was lifted for a pinch runner after she limped to first base. There were tears all around from her first base coach and teammates … and rightfully so.
  • Man Trapped in ATM is Rescued, just in Time
    A crashed boat stuck in the sands of Daytona Beach ended up there after a man allegedly took it on a joyride after bingeing on a "couple of Four Lokos." Jonathan Race, 20, was accused of burglary and grand theft after stealing a boat from Daytona Marina and Boat Works and crashing it on the beach. He left his pants, wallet, and identification on the boat.   Police found Race at a Port Orange home. He told them the last thing he remembered was drinking Four Lokos at a 7-Eleven near the marina. The suspect also told authorities that he "blacked out" after the drinks   A Zenheadlines story brought to us by Twitter and Jack Canyon.   A man was rescued by Corpus Christi police after being stuck in an ATM on Wednesday afternoon. The man was a contractor who was working on the machine when

Wednesday, July 12, 2017