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UHP driving instructor: Beware the ice

Andrew Adams  |  Posted  Jan 6th - 8:58am

The latest winter storm to pound the Wasatch Front on Wednesday and Thursday left behind a slew of wrecks and a cautionary message from the Utah Highway Patrol.

From scared kid in the back seat to arresting officer: Utah trooper comes full circle

Alex Cabrero  |  Posted  Jan 5th - 11:17pm

There is one mistake behind the wheel drivers can't get out of, especially with Utah Highway Patrol Sgt. David Moreno. For him, drunken driving is about as personal as it gets.

Family spends difficult anniversary reminding others to drive responsibly

Sam Penrod  |  Posted  Dec 15th - 10:11pm

Thursday marked a difficult day for a Utah County family: three years since their husband, father and grandfather was killed in a car crash caused by a driver who had been under the influence of prescription drugs.

Sobering reminder of the consequences of drunk driving

Erin Goff  |  Posted  Dec 14th - 4:47pm

New displays at state liquor stores remind patrons to drive sober this holiday season.

Mannequin challenge with a message

Erin Goff  |  Posted  Dec 12th - 4:52pm

Spanish Fork teenagers take on the mannequin challenge in hopes of getting the message out about the dangers of texting and driving.

Winter road trip? 10 tips on how to prepare for (and survive) it

Zero Fatalities  |  Posted  Dec 7th - 8:03am

From keeping you safe to ensuring you have fun, these tips will make any road trip memorable.

Teens help police encourage Utahns to buckle up this holiday season

Keith McCord  |  Posted  Nov 17th - 8:02pm

With more people hitting the roads for Thanksgiving, several students want people to know that seat belts do save lives, and they are proof of that.

Fender bender on the freeway? Take the next exit if you can

Jed Boal  |  Posted  Nov 15th - 6:31pm

With expectations of the first snowstorm this week, the Utah Highway Patrol wants drivers to have the right plan of action in mind if they get in a crash on the freeway.

Winner of Zero Fatalities video contest will have commercial aired during Super Bowl

Erin Goff  |  Posted  Nov 3rd - 7:34pm

Zero Fatalities is hosting a video contest, asking teens to create the next safety commercial.

Safety experts team up to protect trick-or-treaters

Liesl Nielsen  |  Posted  Oct 28th - 7:51pm

While it’s important to worry about safety year-round, children are more than twice as likely to be hit and killed by a car on Halloween than on any other day of the year.

Heber City man killed in head-on collision with semi

Ben Lockhart  |  Posted  Oct 24th - 6:32pm

A Heber City man died Monday when his car crossed into oncoming traffic on U.S. 189.

Families impacted by teen fatalities tout the importance of safe driving

Jasen Lee  |  Posted  Oct 18th - 7:56pm

Data from Zero Fatalities shows that last year nearly 60 percent of teens killed in crashes were not buckled or wearing their seat belts properly — the lowest usage rate of any age group. In 2015, a total of 26 teens died in vehicle crashes in Utah.

Students crash on way to Orem High dance, say seat belts saved their lives

Nicole Vowell  |  Posted  Oct 17th - 12:16pm

A group headed to Orem High School for a memorable night at their homecoming dance this past weekend never made it and instead learned a lesson about why buckling up is so important.

Stansbury Park teen credits wearing a seat belt for saving her life

Erin Goff  |  Posted  Oct 11th - 6:31pm

An 18-year-old Stansbury Park girl is beating the odds tonight and has a message of safety for all of us.

UDOT installs fencing to reduce collisions with wildlife in Parleys Canyon

Keith McCord  |  Posted  Oct 7th - 9:09pm

Driving up Parleys Canyon will soon be a little safer. Friday the Utah Department of Transportation started putting up wildlife fencing on westbound I-80 near Jeremy Ranch.

Nation's longest express lane getting a sharper eye from UHP

Jasen Lee  |  Posted  Oct 6th - 10:04pm

With the Point project from Lehi to Draper now complete, UDOT and the Utah Highway Patrol on Thursday announced the launch of an enforcement blitz aimed at educating drivers on correct use of the express lanes that now span 72 miles.

US government sets goal of zero traffic deaths in 30 years

Joan Lowy, Associated Press  |  Posted  Oct 5th - 9:37am

The Obama administration is setting a goal of eliminating traffic fatalities and injuries in the United States within the next 30 years.

New technology gives schoolchildren more time to cross busy streets

Jasen Lee  |  Posted  Sep 17th - 7:52am

The Utah Department of Transportation Wednesday unveiled a new technology that lets school crossing guards add extra “walk” time to a crosswalk signal during peak commuting periods, increasing safety for students getting across busy streets.

Why Fall is the season with the most pedestrian fatalities

Zero Fatalities  |  Posted  Sep 8th - 12:00pm

Historically, the majority of pedestrian fatalities happen during the fall months. As we are winding down summer and heading into fall, make zero pedestrian fatalities a priority for you and your family.