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Hamas kills its own commander for unnamed 'violations'

The Associated Press  |  Posted  Feb 7th - 10:40am

Hamas says it has killed one of its own commanders over unnamed "moral and behavioral violations."

German police search homes of suspected extremists

The Associated Press  |  Posted  Feb 7th - 10:40am

German police have searched the homes of two men suspected of being part of an extremist organization.

Slain Italian student in Egypt suffered 'inhuman' violence

Frances D'Emilio, Associated Press  |  Posted  Feb 7th - 10:00am

A second autopsy on the body of an Italian found slain in Egypt reveals that the doctoral student suffered "inhuman, animal-like" violence, Italy's interior minister said Sunday as he pressed Egypt's president to fully cooperate with the criminal investigation.

Red Cross in Gaza closes office due to violent protests

The Associated Press  |  Posted  Feb 7th - 9:41am

The International Committee of the Red Cross said Sunday it is temporarily closing its Gaza office after protesters repeatedly tried to storm it.

Turkey: Reaching limits but will keep taking in refugees

Mehmet Guzel and Suzan Fraser, Associated Press  |  Posted  Feb 7th - 9:30am

Turkey has reached the end of its "capacity to absorb" refugees but will continue to take them in, the deputy premier said Sunday, as his country faced mounting pressure to open its border to tens of thousands of Syrians who have fled a government onslaught.

Spanish police arrest 7 on suspicion of jihadi links to IS

Harold Heckle, Associated Press  |  Posted  Feb 7th - 9:10am

Spanish police arrested seven suspected members of a jihadi cell linked to the Islamic State group and Jabhat al-Nusra militants during raids Sunday in the eastern provinces of Valencia and Alicante, and in Spain's North African enclave of Ceuta.

Angela Davis stopped from visiting separatist in Spain jail

The Associated Press  |  Posted  Feb 7th - 9:00am

A delegation including American rights activist Angela Davis has been turned away from a Spanish prison where it tried to visit imprisoned Basque separatist politician Arnaldo Otegi.

Airstrike hits college in eastern Libyan city, killing 4

Rami Musa, Associated Press  |  Posted  Feb 7th - 8:40am

A Libyan parliamentarian says an airstrike hit a medical technology college in a populated area of the eastern city of Darna, killing four people, including a woman and her son.

UK's Cameron: Review how prisons treat pregnant women

The Associated Press  |  Posted  Feb 7th - 8:31am

British Prime Minister David Cameron is calling for an urgent review of how pregnant women are handled by prisons in light of figures showing 100 babies spent time in prison last year.

Former top Thatcher adviser says she would back deal with EU

The Associated Press  |  Posted  Feb 7th - 6:20am

A former top adviser says the late Margaret Thatcher would have supported the proposed deal outlined this week to keep Britain inside the 28-nation European Union.

Afghanistan hopes to meet with Taliban this month

Rahim Faiez, Associated Press  |  Posted  Feb 7th - 6:10am

Afghanistan expects to hold direct talks with the Taliban by the end of this month, an official said Sunday.

Sri Lanka's Tamil leaders call for UN help on 4,000 missing

Maryathas Newtan, Associated Press  |  Posted  Feb 7th - 6:00am

Sri Lanka's ethnic Tamil leaders on Sunday asked the top U.N. human rights official to help determine the fate of more than 4,000 civilians reported missing in the country's long civil war amid the government's assertion that most of them are probably dead.

Iraqi Kurds protest against Turkey, 3 police wounded

The Associated Press  |  Posted  Feb 7th - 5:40am

Protests against Turkey in Iraq's northern Kurdish region turned violent on Sunday, with three police officers wounded.

UAE says it's prepared to send ground forces to Syria

Malak Harb, Associated Press  |  Posted  Feb 7th - 5:30am

A top official in the United Arab Emirates said Sunday that his country is prepared to send ground troops to Syria to fight Islamic State militants as part of an international coalition.

Light quake shakes buildings in Tokyo; no injuries or damage

The Associated Press  |  Posted  Feb 7th - 5:00am

A light earthquake struck north of Tokyo on Sunday, shaking buildings in the Japanese capital.

Israeli leader calls on world to condemn arson of synagogue

The Associated Press  |  Posted  Feb 7th - 4:40am

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Sunday called on the world to condemn a suspected arson attack against a makeshift synagogue in the West Bank where Jewish Torah scrolls were burned.

Erdogan: US should choose between Turkey, Kurdish forces

The Associated Press  |  Posted  Feb 7th - 4:40am

Turkey's president has lashed out at the United States a week after a President Barack Obama's envoy visited a northern Syrian town that is under the control of Syrian Kurdish forces, which Ankara considers terrorists.

Hut fire kills all 10 family member on Pakistani island

The Associated Press  |  Posted  Feb 7th - 4:40am

A Pakistani police official says fire has killed all 10 members of a fisherman's family on an island in southern Pakistan.

Police officer killed in roadside bombing in Afghanistan

The Associated Press  |  Posted  Feb 7th - 4:30am

An Afghan policeman was killed in a roadside bomb explosion in the country's east, an official said on Sunday.