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Utah ski resorts announce new amenities for 2016-2017 season

Faith Heaton Jolley  |  Posted  Sep 28th - 1:16pm

With the beginning of cooler weather and snowfall in some of the higher elevations last week, Utah’s ski season is fast approaching.

Video shows bull moose fight dangerously close to hunter

Grant Olsen, Contributor  |  Posted  Sep 27th - 11:29am

This is rutting season for moose, which means bulls are fighting for supremacy. One such encounter was recently filmed in Alaska, as two bulls battled within arm’s length of a group of people on Anchorage’s Powerline Trail.

Smugglers Gap Trail offers solitude from city, beautiful fall foliage

Carter Williams  |  Posted  Sep 26th - 3:01pm

If you’re looking for a nice fall hike with a grand view without slipping too far out of the Salt Lake City area, the Smugglers Gap Trail offers hikers that and more.

Building a highway for trout from the Strawberry to Weber rivers

Amy Joi O'Donoghue  |  Posted  Sep 24th - 10:04am

It's been decades since cutthroat trout have been able to swim upstream from the Weber River to Strawberry Creek at Mountain Green in Weber Canyon due to a 400-foot-long culvert that blocks their way. A collaborative project aims to restore access.

Can an ordinary guy hit a major league pitch?

Grant Olsen, Contributor  |  Posted  Sep 23rd - 11:59am

Have you ever watched a baseball game and wondered how you would fare against a professional pitcher? The Arizona Diamondbacks invited a team of local guys to come to their facility and find out for themselves.

16 unique Airbnb locales near Utah’s national parks

Liesl Nielsen  |  Posted  Sep 22nd - 11:29am

These sixteen unique Airbnb locations provide an opportunity to explore in style the beauty of Utah's five national parks.

Photographers rushing to capture fall colors before weekend storm

Alex Cabrero  |  Posted  Sep 21st - 10:36pm

People in the upper elevations of Utah could see beautiful fall colors as well as snow this weekend.

A look at 4 early pioneers of Utah river running

Ray Grass, Contributor  |  Posted  Sep 21st - 11:41am

Utah has a long history of river running, beginning with John Wesley Powell and carrying through into today’s recreational market. Four early pioneers are being recognized through the River Runners Hall of Fame.

Review: Outdoor products for fall adventures

Grant Olsen, Contributor  |  Posted  Sep 20th - 11:29am

Another summer has passed and the nights are now getting cooler. If you head into the higher elevations, you might even get snow. Here are a few products that might be a nice addition for your next autumn outing.

Utah man sets new Appalachian Trail record in 45 days

Arianne Brown, Contributor  |  Posted  Sep 19th - 7:04pm

On Sept. 18, Karl Meltzer, of Sandy, set the Appalachian Trail thru-hike speed record, covering the 2,190 miles in in 45 days, 22 hours and 38 minutes.

5 high-country spots to fish before summer ends

Spencer Durrant, Contributor  |  Posted  Sep 19th - 11:36am

The first snowfall of the year means summer is almost over. Fish these five spots before you can't reach them anymore.

New northern Utah ski resort to officially open this winter

The Associated Press  |  Posted  Sep 17th - 4:08pm

Public awareness of a new ski resort in northern Utah has snowballed since its quiet debut last winter.

DWR discovers illegal walleye in Echo Reservoir

Carter Williams  |  Posted  Sep 16th - 2:33pm

Utah wildlife officials are seeking a solution after they say walleye were illegally stocked in Echo Reservoir sometime over the summer.

Green River Melon Days continues the 110-year-old tradition

Evelyn Hatch, Contributor  |  Posted  Sep 16th - 12:15pm

Famously known for its source of watermelons, Green River is celebrating Melon Days, its 110-year-old tradition dating back to 1906. Settlers began planting melons as early as the 1890s, eventually shipping fruit as an export.

New parkour, ninja gym coming to southern Utah

Lindsey Johnson  |  Posted  Sep 15th - 11:33am

Bushido Parkour Ninja Fitness is bringing parkour and ninja fitness to southern Utah January 2017 for people of all ages.

Video shows fierce battle between monster bull elk

Grant Olsen, Contributor  |  Posted  Sep 14th - 11:29am

A new video from Canada shows the stunning power that is unleashed when bull elk square off in battle.

9 corn mazes in Utah to visit this fall

Lindsey Johnson  |  Posted  Sep 13th - 11:33am

Whether you’re in the mood for an adrenaline rush, or just for a late night stroll through the cornfields, corn mazes won’t disappoint.

Video shows hiker rescue deer from python attack

Grant Olsen, Contributor  |  Posted  Sep 12th - 11:29am

What would you do if you saw a giant python strangling a deer? A Florida man recently faced this situation and his video of the encounter has gone viral.

DWR breaks ground on new wildlife education center at Great Salt Lake wetlands

Dave Cawley  |  Posted  Sep 9th - 11:24am

The Utah Division of Wildlife Resources broke ground Thursday on three new buildings near the Farmington Bay Waterfowl Management Area. When completed, they will provide classroom and wetlands study space for teachers, students and families.

See bright red salmon at several Utah reservoirs this week

Justin McFarland, Contributor  |  Posted  Sep 8th - 11:30am

Go see the bright red kokanee salmon during their two-week spawning river run at Causey Reservoir, Strawberry Reservoir, or Flaming Gorge.