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Change announced for fishing kokanee salmon in Utah

Faith Heaton Jolley  |  Posted  Oct 5th - 11:28am

Anglers should be aware of a new rule for fishing kokanee salmon that will take effect in Utah in 2016.

Quiz: Can you identify these iconic tourist spots around the US?

Gary Sorensen, Contributor  |  Posted  Oct 2nd - 11:29am

There is so much to see and do in the United States. How much do you know about tourist destinations in the U.S.? Have fun testing your knowledge with this travel quiz about popular sites.

Trail cam shows elk sweetly head nodding before sleeping

Martha Ostergar  |  Posted  Oct 1st - 3:00pm

Utah's DWR posted the video Tuesday, which is paired with Brahms' "Lullaby."

Product review: Belt-drive Classic from Priority Bicycles

Grant Olsen, Contributor  |  Posted  Oct 1st - 11:29am

In the past decade, belt-drive bikes have gone from a novelty to a legitimate alternative to the traditional chain. This review looks at one of the most affordable models on the market: the Classic from Priority Bicycles.

Cabins, disc golf course coming to Willard Bay State Park

Faith Heaton Jolley  |  Posted  Sep 30th - 11:50am

While Willard Bay State Park currently offers a variety of recreational activities and amenities, park officials said new additions are coming including several cabins, a disc golf course, a fishing dock and an archery course.

Photos: What local fishing, hunting looked like 100 years ago

Faith Heaton Jolley  |  Posted  Sep 29th - 11:38am

Utah has a rich history filled with Mormon heritage, industry and all things outdoors.

Nepal bans novice climbers from Everest, considers more limits

Sugam Pokharel and Michael Pearson, CNN  |  Posted  Sep 29th - 9:32am

Facing increasing criticism over safety and the environmental impacts of climbing on Mount Everest, Nepalese tourism officials have banned novice climbers from the world's tallest peak and are considering additional limits.

'Desert potholes are not wishing wells,' park officials say

Faith Heaton Jolley  |  Posted  Sep 28th - 11:29am

After discovering coins in an ephemeral pool, park officials are reminding hikers that treating desert potholes like a "wishing well" can kill living organisms in the water and disrupt the ecosystem.

Seismic makeover for Utah County dam and reservoir

Amy Joi O'Donoghue  |  Posted  Sep 25th - 8:53pm

The Silver Lake Flat Dam was built in 1971 as a storage reservoir for irrigation water and as a flood control structure on the American Fork River. The dam was drained for a seismic makeover to protect downstream communities and prolong its life.

Little girl lands big bass with Barbie fishing pole

Martha Ostergar  |  Posted  Sep 25th - 7:03pm

A newly viral video shows a little girl go into happy hysterics as she reels in a bass fish with a kids Barbie fishing pole.

4 Utahns inducted into Intermountain Ski Hall of Fame

Ray Grass, Contributor  |  Posted  Sep 25th - 11:29am

Four Utahns were inducted Thursday evening into the Intermountain Ski Hall of Fame during ceremonies at the Utah Olympic Park. There are 66 recipients in the Hall of Fame from Utah, Idaho and Wyoming.

Video: 4 Utah boys rule bike trails at Canyons Bike Park

Martha Ostergar  |  Posted  Sep 24th - 3:28pm

Ranging from 7 to 11 years old, four Utah boys show off their sick skills at the Canyons Bike Park.

What's the strangest lure you've ever used to catch a fish?

Grant Olsen, Contributor  |  Posted  Sep 24th - 11:29am

At one time or another, most anglers experiment with strange lures. Sometimes it happens when the last of the bait is gone or the final fly breaks off. Other times it's out of sheer desperation when nothing else is working.

Go birdwatching, see fossilized squid at Steinaker State Park

Faith Heaton Jolley  |  Posted  Sep 23rd - 1:41pm

If you want a weekend getaway where you can enjoy fishing, hiking and see fossilized remains from an ancient sea, Steinaker State Park is the location for you.

Watch migrating hawks, eagles at annual Raptor Watch Day

Faith Heaton Jolley  |  Posted  Sep 22nd - 11:29am

The public is invited to watch birds of prey flying on their migration Saturday and can learn more about them from wildlife specialists.

Long Lake hike offers gorgeous scenery, views of clear-water lake

Faith Heaton Jolley  |  Posted  Sep 21st - 12:05pm

The Uinta-Wasatch-Cache National Forest offers dozens of great hikes, but if you are looking for a nice day hike that leads you to a pristine, uncrowded lake, check out the Long Lake hike.

5 amazing island escapes you've probably never considered

Sharon McDonnell, CNN  |  Posted  Sep 19th - 7:01pm

Sure, the first things that come to mind when you think "island escape" are white sands and palm trees.

Quiz: Where in Utah were these photos taken?

Celeste Tholen Rosenlof  |  Posted  Sep 18th - 11:58am

Like our readers, we love Utah, from the sweeping vistas and the charms of the tiny towns. So, we created a quiz of photos taken throughout Utah of some of these places. Test your knowledge!

Product review: Outdoor gear for the fall

Grant Olsen, Contributor  |  Posted  Sep 17th - 11:29am

With temperatures mellowing out and autumn conditions on the horizon, it's a great time to experience nature. This article features a handful of products that might be right for your next adventure.

Boat to your campsite, sleep in a yurt at Rockport State Park

Faith Heaton Jolley  |  Posted  Sep 16th - 11:33am

Utah is famous for its ski resorts and five national parks, but it also offers a variety of landscapes and activities within its 43 state parks. Visit each Wednesday morning for the state park of the week. Learn about Rockport State Park in this week's edition.