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12 dumb things Utah drivers do every summer

Zero Fatalities  |  Posted   May 23rd - 3:00pm

Here’s the list of all-too-common mistakes and what NOT to do while driving this summer.

5 must-haves for a successful family outing

Intermountain Live Well  |  Posted   May 23rd - 8:00am

Here is a five-step checklist of everything you might need to safely enjoy the outdoors with the family.

3 simple ways to make the closing process easier in a booming housing market

Ranlife  |  Posted   May 22nd - 9:00pm

You're on the home stretch. You've been with your clients each step of the way. But make sure you end on a high note. Here are 3 simple ways you can make the closing process easier, and ensure your clients become repeat customers.

How to survive a long road trip with the whole family

End Text Wrecks  |  Posted   May 22nd - 8:00am

With Memorial Day weekend coming up, road trips are likely in your plans. Here are some key tips to stay safe on the road and enjoy valuable family time together without getting on one another's nerves.

6 things to do now to keep your grass green during the summer months

Weber Basin Water Conservancy District  |  Posted   May 19th - 9:00pm

It’s a problem that we’ve all experienced: our lawns are a nice, healthy green during May and June, but as soon as the heat of the summer comes, it becomes difficult to keep it that way. Did you know there are things you can be doing to help your lawn be able to thrive during the heat of the summer?

Service programs provide seniors with purpose, support local community

Mbk Senior Living  |  Posted   May 19th - 8:00am

It’s been said, “charity benefits the giver more than the receiver.” According to numerous studies, this statement is exemplified in the health and wellness of older adults.

How to create a yard that stands out without breaking your back

Localscapes  |  Posted   May 18th - 9:00pm

Weeds, brown spots, maintenance requirements, and low curb appeal topped the reasons for landscape dissatisfaction, but experts are now saying there may be a solution.

4 exercises that are easy on your joints

Salt Lake Regional Medical Center  |  Posted   May 18th - 3:00pm

Whether you have joint pain or simply want exercises that won't put too much stress on your body, doctors often recommend low-impact exercises like yoga. Find out about four exercises that are easy on your joints.

Hardening arteries? But I’m only in my twenties!

MountainStar Healthcare  |  Posted   May 17th - 3:00pm

Atherosclerosis — or the hardening of the arteries — is the leading cause of heart attacks and strokes. The catch? It doesn't show symptoms until it's too late. That's why it's important to identify its causes and take preventative steps today

Homebuyer's dilemma: Urban communities offer relief from housing crisis

Daybreak  |  Posted   May 17th - 8:00am

Market demand from Salt Lake City through the Silicon Slopes is on the rise. What’s a homebuyer to do?

Rent or buy in Utah? The numbers say buy...NOW

Homie  |  Posted   May 16th - 9:00pm

To rent or to buy, that is the question. Here are the numbers behind why you should buy now.

Blurry vision? It may be cataracts—and here's how to combat them

Utah Eye Centers  |  Posted   May 16th - 8:00am

Age-related cataracts are the leading cause of visual impairment in the United States. The prevalence of age-related cataracts is increasing, with an estimated 30.1 million Americans likely to be affected by the year 2020.

Top 10 fastest growing occupations in Utah

KSL Jobs  |  Posted   May 15th - 3:00pm

Here are the top 10 occupations in Utah, from highest to lowest projected growth (growth, not salary).

5 unexpected causes of car accidents...from inside your own car

Robert J. DeBry and Associates  |  Posted   May 15th - 8:00am

To reduce your chance of bruisin’ after cruisin’ take a moment to check your habits, and do some of the basic maintenance you’ve been putting off.

Weekend tech deals: $100 off Amazon's Echo when you buy two, and more

Techbargains  |  Posted   May 12th - 9:00pm

Act fast as stock is limited and these discounts will not last.

Have window wells? You may be putting your home at risk

Wasatch Window Well Covers  |  Posted   May 12th - 8:00am

One possible vulnerability to your home security could be your basement window wells.

It's easy being green: 5 watering tips for a healthy lawn and a thick wallet

KSL Classifieds  |  Posted   May 10th - 3:00pm

The weatherman knows that rain makes the grass grow. But only rapping weatherman know that good grass makes it rain, yo.

Is it a headache or a migraine?

Dr. Sydney Piercey With Ogden Clinic  |  Posted   May 10th - 8:00am

Nothing turns a productive day sour quite like a headache. For some people, however, headaches are frequent or severe enough to impact their quality of life.

Top 10 things to do in Moab  |  Posted   May 9th - 9:00pm

There is a LOT to do in Moab besides seeing Delicate Arch, though. The best way to get to know the place is to talk to veteran red-rockers about their favorite spots. We’ll get you started with 10 of our must-see Moab destinations.

5 ways anxiety can lead to physical problems

Intermountain Live Well  |  Posted   May 9th - 3:00pm

Anxiety is the most prevalent mental illness in the US, affecting 40 million adults. Unfortunately, the symptoms of anxiety are not limited to just the psychological.