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Be the solar expert: 3 questions to ask any solar company

KSL Local  |  Posted  Oct 26th - 12:03pm

If you’ve had an interest in making the switch to solar, chances are you will do your research and look into multiple companies. What questions should you be asking?

7 family friendly Halloween ideas

Zurchers Party Costume & Wedding Store  |  Posted  Oct 26th - 9:03am

Halloween is a wonderful time to express your creativity with spooky or funny family costumes and parties. Draw inspiration from these seven family friendly Halloween ideas.

Utahns choose top local business of 2016

KSL Local  |  Posted  Oct 25th - 9:03pm

Utahn’s turned out in record numbers to vote for their favorite local businesses in 11 different categories from Automotive to Nightlife.

Speechless: A life no longer controlled by stuttering

University Of Utah Health Care  |  Posted  Oct 25th - 12:03pm

Gabriel Niculescu never thought he would be able to control his stutter. While speech therapy is common for children its availability becomes lesser as people age, but there are options available to adults.

5 marvelous mocktails for your Halloween bash

Zero Fatalities  |  Posted  Oct 25th - 9:03am

And discounted Uber rides for those who drink up those cocktails.

6 ways to help your home live up to its potential

Giant Carpet One  |  Posted  Oct 24th - 9:03am

Every home has strengths and weaknesses, but don't let the lack of easy updates in your home bring its appeal down. Instead, focus on simple ways to maximize home value to enjoy it to the fullest.

Your loved one is on life support—now what?

Utah Valley Specialty Hospital  |  Posted  Oct 21st - 12:03pm

When your loved one is put on life support, it can be a scary time. However, when your loved one requires medical assistance to sustain or improve life, it is just what is needed to build a better and brighter future.

Top 8 sites along the Trax Free Fare Zone

Robert J. DeBry and Associates  |  Posted  Oct 21st - 9:03am

Whether you're a tourist or just taking a staycation in Downtown Salt Lake City, here are some of the best places to visit and see — for free with the Free Fare Zone.

6 ways to get the most from your high deductible health care plan

Bodyrenu Health  |  Posted  Oct 19th - 9:03pm

There are options to get quality health care with your high-deductible plan and even reduce out-of-pockets expenses. Here are some recommendations.

6 electronic deals as good as Black Friday

Techbargains  |  Posted  Oct 19th - 12:03pm

Here are six deals that are on par with Black Friday deals.

8 ways to improve the value of your home

KSL Local  |  Posted  Oct 19th - 9:05am

Whether you’re looking to sell now or sometime in the future, now is always a good time to think about the value of your home and what you can do to give your home a boost.

Want green grass in the spring? Fertilize now

Ifa Country Stores  |  Posted  Oct 18th - 2:08pm

With the fall season setting in and spooky Halloween decorations popping up, there’s one thing you don’t want to look scary — your lawn!

Caring for your parents? 6 things to prepare yourself for

Utah Department Of Health  |  Posted  Oct 18th - 9:03am

As your parent ages, it can create an interesting role reversal. You can take steps now to be ease the transition for both of you.

How to protect your kids from beginning-of-the-year bugs

Great Clips  |  Posted  Oct 17th - 9:03pm

Each year school begins again and you think that your life will gain some sort of normalcy, until your kids start coming down with every bug in the book. Use these tips to avoid beginning-of-the-year illnesses.

The 20 most in-demand jobs in the nation

KSL Jobs  |  Posted  Oct 17th - 12:03pm

“I was looking for a job and then I found a job, and heaven knows I’m miserable now.”

Why online learning is on the rise for your child

Utah Online School  |  Posted  Oct 17th - 9:03am

Futuristic movies with all-knowing computers used to be science fiction, but no longer. More and more people are turning to the internet to answer questions and expand their knowledge.

6+ unique things to do in Salt Lake City this fall

Robert J. DeBry and Associates  |  Posted  Oct 14th - 9:03am

With the descending cold weather, check out these fun indoor and outdoor activities in Salt Lake City for kids, teens and adults.

9 of the best muscle cars of the 1970s

KSL Cars  |  Posted  Oct 13th - 12:03pm

To many purists, the 1970s began the last few years of so-called true hot rods.

Worried about the flu shot? Here’s why you shouldn’t be

Mountainstar Healthcare  |  Posted  Oct 13th - 9:03am

Flu season is approaching and it's time to start getting vaccinated. But many people neglect their annual flu shots out of fear or misunderstanding. Learn why the flu shot is your best defense against illness this season.

Why fall is the perfect time to rejuvenate your skin

Utah Facial Plastics  |  Posted  Oct 12th - 12:03pm

The advent of fall means lots of things, but it's also a good time to return to better skin habits. Here are a few ways you can get your glow on now that it’s fall.