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5 things you'll regret not doing in college

Southern Utah University  |  Posted  Apr 28th - 10:03am

College is a time of discovery; make sure you don’t leave with any regrets.

6 skills all homeowners should know

KSL Local  |  Posted  Apr 27th - 2:03pm

It doesn’t matter if you just bought your home or you’ve owned a home for 20 plus years, there are going to be issues that pop up and surprise you.

Top 8 SUVs for families in 2016

KSL Cars  |  Posted  Apr 27th - 10:03am

In the market for a new family car? Why go the cliche, minivan route when you can get an SUV?

Could your dentist save your life?

University Of Utah Health Care  |  Posted  Apr 26th - 2:03pm

Your mouth is a pretty good indicator of overall health, so detecting periodontal (gum) disease and keeping inflammation under control can help prevent problems with chronic health conditions.

11 most mouthwatering burritos in Utah

Maverik  |  Posted  Apr 26th - 10:03am

The definitive guide to a great burrito in the Beehive state.

Suffering from carpal tunnel syndrome? What endoscopic surgery could mean for you

Dr. Brett Richards Of Ogden Clinic  |  Posted  Apr 25th - 2:03pm

If you have carpal tunnel syndrome, you know how difficult its effects can be. But real solutions exist, including endoscopic surgery. Read on for further information about this procedure.

6 questions you should ask your mechanic

KSL Local  |  Posted  Apr 22nd - 9:03pm

It’s easy to feel taken advantage of when terms like “catalytic converter” are being thrown around in conjunction with several dollar signs. Choose an auto mechanic that you trust and ask all of the right questions.

Landlords: Here are 3 things you didn't know were illegal

Rentler  |  Posted  Apr 22nd - 2:03pm

You might be unintentionally breaking Utah rental laws...

3 reasons to go solar and give back this Earth Day

Auric Solar  |  Posted  Apr 22nd - 10:07am

Happy Earth Day! What better way to celebrate than to go out and share some time in the sun?

5 simple ideas for random acts of kindness

Robert J. DeBry and Associates  |  Posted  Apr 21st - 2:03pm

Looking to make a difference in your neighborhood? Here are 5 random acts of kindness you can do when the weather gets a little hotter.

5 best home improvements for families with kids

Giant Carpet One  |  Posted  Apr 21st - 10:03am

At some point in every homeowner's life, renovations become necessary. But if you have to pick and choose your home improvements, here are some to stick with while the kiddies are still running around.

5 deals you don't want to miss out on this spring

KSL Deals  |  Posted  Apr 20th - 9:03pm

Spring is the season when your family starts waking up from their long winter’s nap. With that comes the inevitable itch to do something fun.

When is it time to seek addiction treatment for your loved one?

English Mountain Recovery  |  Posted  Apr 20th - 10:03am

Knowing when it’s time to seek help is one of the biggest challenges people face when dealing with a loved one struggling with addiction. Take the quiz at the end to see if you or your loved one qualify for help.

Moms, are you taking care of your health?

Intermountain Healthcare  |  Posted  Apr 19th - 2:03pm

While women are the chief medical officers for their families, the majority lack the time to figure out how to be healthy. Here are some recommendations

What you need to know about an overactive bladder

Dr. Bradford Stevenson Of Ogden Clinic  |  Posted  Apr 18th - 10:03am

If your bladder seems to control you life, you may be suffering from a condition know as overactive bladder.

4 ways smiling makes you more healthy

KSL Local  |  Posted  Apr 15th - 12:11pm

In the iconic words of Louis Armstrong, “When you’re smiling, keep on smiling — the whole world smiles with you.” It turns out Armstrong had more than catchy lyrics; he had science to back him up.

6 things you won’t want to camp without

KSL Deals  |  Posted  Apr 14th - 9:03pm

While you’re envisioning fun family hikes and making s’mores around the campfire, take a second to think about the gear you’ll need. Make sure you have everything you need while saving up to 70 percent off.

Quiz: What song is your personal anthem?

Robert J. DeBry and Associates  |  Posted  Apr 14th - 2:03pm

Every great movie has a theme song. Who says you can't have one too?

3 ways to keep your brain healthy as you age

Intermountain LiVe Well  |  Posted  Apr 14th - 10:03am

There are many health-related issues that come with aging. The body and mind begin to break down and slow down. Here are 3 ways to combat that.

Are gut bugs making you fat?

East West Health  |  Posted  Apr 13th - 3:15pm

For years, the focus has been on cutting calories and exercising, but this might not be enough. Reaching your ideal weight includes catering to the good bacteria in your gut. This article focuses on showing you how to do just that.