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Parent's guide to sending your kid to college

Southern Utah University  |  Posted  Jul 29th - 12:03pm

College is a big step for parents and their kids, but if you're not sure what to expect as a parent of a college freshman, here's a quick guide to help you out.

Must see: HGTV’s Magnolia Home comes to the Parade of Homes

Daybreak  |  Posted  Jul 29th - 9:03am

That’s right. We’re talking about THE Magnolia Home, created by Joanna and Chip Gaines and made famous on HGTV’s Fixer Upper.

7 unforgettable rings from pop culture

Enso Rings  |  Posted  Jul 28th - 9:03pm

Jewelry is prevalent in society today, but there's nothing quite like the bling of a ring. Check out these popular rings from pop culture.

12 essential ways to make your home attractive to buyers

Advanced Window Products  |  Posted  Jul 28th - 12:03pm

Looking to sell your home? Follow these tips to make it standout to buyers.

Solar benefits — Should Utah solar owners be paid 50 percent more?

KSL Local  |  Posted  Jul 28th - 9:04am

Do Utahans deserve more compensation than they are currently receiving?

Top 10 things you should never say to a pregnant woman

LDS Hospital  |  Posted  Jul 27th - 12:03pm

Pregnant women receive lots of well wishes and positive comments about the new chapter in their lives. Unfortunately, they also find themselves the recipients of some unflattering remarks

5 ways to be successful at community college

Salt Lake Community College  |  Posted  Jul 27th - 9:08am

Wading through paperwork and processes of enrollment and course selection can be daunting. These five steps can help you be successful at community college.

6 sweet products that will make biking safer

Robert J. DeBRy and Associates  |  Posted  Jul 26th - 9:03am

Even the most bike-conscious communities, there are dangers that come with riding a bicycle. Here are six sweet products that will make biking safer.

4 things your HVAC professional wants you to know

KSL Local  |  Posted  Jul 25th - 9:03pm

The heat is on! Make sure you’ve got a cool place to relax at the end of your adventures in the summer sun with these quick tips from the HVAC professionals.

5 ways to have fun in the sun for less

KSL Local  |  Posted  Jul 20th - 9:03pm

Running out of ideas for summer fun? You’re not alone! Whether you’re planning a fun day with your grandkids or trying to keep the kids busy during the school break, grab these deals and you’re sure to make memories!

5 reasons to stop wearing heels today

Jean Brown Research  |  Posted  Jul 20th - 12:03pm

Although high heels may make your butt look fabulous and elongate the look of your legs, there are plenty of downsides to these uppity shoes. Despite the upsides to heels, there are plenty of reasons to say sayonara to your stilettos.

5 must-have smartphone apps for your drive

Zero Fatalities  |  Posted  Jul 20th - 9:03am

Ready to enhance your driving experience? Here are the apps you have been waiting for to increase travel safety and personalize your commute, road trip, or Sunday drive.

7 habits of mentally strong people

Robert J. DeBry and Associates  |  Posted  Jul 19th - 12:03pm

Everyone experiences trials at one time or another and for most, the question isn't if, but when trials will come. How can you stay well-adjusted through life's ups and downs? Use patterns of the mentally tough to help you stay afloat.

5 most common carpet stains and how to get rid of them

Giant Carpet One  |  Posted  Jul 19th - 9:58am

Keep your carpets in top shape by cleaning up spills right away and use these stain-fighting treatments.

5 reasons your lawn is going brown and what to do about it

Weber Basin Water Conservancy District  |  Posted  Jul 18th - 9:03pm

There are many reasons a lawn turns brown, including underwatering. But some reasons will only make it worse if you increase watering.

How new technology is reshaping pacemakers

University Of Utah Health Care  |  Posted  Jul 18th - 12:03pm

“My heart was beating way too slow, so I had no energy,” she says. “Even doing housework or going up and down the stairs would make me tired.”

Quiz: Can you identify these places in Utah?

Auric Solar  |  Posted  Jul 18th - 9:03am

How well do you know some of the amazing locations around the state of Utah? Take this quiz and see if you are savvy with your Utah knowledge.

4 ways to outsmart the competition when buying a home

Rebecca Edwards With Homie  |  Posted  Jul 15th - 12:03pm

Losing your dream house is discouraging, and it can be difficult to pick up the pieces to try and find another home to fall in love with. IMake sure it doesn't happen to you.

7 things you never thought could cause heart attacks

Salt Lake Regional Medical Center  |  Posted  Jul 15th - 9:03am

Some heart disease factors are out of your reach, but some preventive measures might be as easy as looking on the bright side of life or flossing your teeth.

Need a workout buddy? The benefits of recruiting your spouse

Intermountain Healthcare  |  Posted  Jul 14th - 9:03am

For many couples, juggling work, kids, and other responsibilities can sometimes leave you forced to choose between going on a date and going to the gym. Why not combine the two for a workout date?