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Diabolical Records

Salt Lake record store promotes local music scene

By Brock Allen  |  Posted Dec 17th, 2014 @ 2:27pm

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SALT LAKE CITY — Since his teenage years, Adam Tye has had a dream of owning a record store. After years of sketching logos in a notebook and contemplating the possibilities, Tye has made his dream a reality, and he is now helping others follow their dreams.

Many factors contributed to the starting and success of Diabolical Records. One of the most prominent being when Tye met his wife Alana Boscan. Both shared a love for music, a love for vinyl and a desire to own their own record store one day.

Although this was their dream and goal, because of costs and the difficulty in starting their own business neither thought their dream would come to fruition for many years. But the advent of Salt Lake’s Granary Row allowed the couple to rent a crate for a low price and start their business on a small scale.

“We really did get so lucky that Granary Row was going on,” Tye said. “Without that, there’s no way we could’ve started because it was just basically this little nesting area for small businesses to find their footing.”

This start brought about a resounding response and showed Tye and Boscan they could do it on a larger scale. While there, Tye also began curating the live music played there each Friday night — a tradition that has continued through their move to a permanent location.

“After (Granary Row) we started looking for a permanent space,” Tye said. “That was always our big dream — to have store where we could have shows all the time.”

Diabolical Records has been at its current location in Salt Lake City for a little over a year and its live shows have become one of the most prominent features of the store and one of its greatest successes.

Everyone should just get out and experience local music right now. It's at a high-point which I don't think I've ever seen before. There's bands for every genre. Take advantage of the fact that all of this is happening here.

–Adam Tye

The store has become a place where local bands with a little or a lot of experience can come and play. The store also has become an epicenter for people who want to support local music and see a variety of different bands for free.

“We love being able to see different people come together and see something they haven’t seen before,” Boscan said. “We have people from different cultures and backgrounds and ages and religions. They’re all just coming here to check out the music, so we really like that aspect of it, and that’s part of our goal as well.”

This has been the goal for Tye and Boscan all along — to have a place where anyone can come and enjoy local music and to give bands that might not get the opportunity at other locations the chance to play for audiences.

“I think there is just so much talent and creativity here,” Boscan said. “We’re just excited we have a space for them to come and perform because we want to harness it as much as we can and have a place available for people to come and experience it.”

Over the last year the store has seen considerable growth and has seen more people coming out to the shows, and Tye hopes to see this growth only continue in the next year.

“The one thing I would like is if we could become more of a community center,” Tye said. “We would like to hold more benefits and more reach-out programs. I think there’s a lot of young people in Salt Lake that don’t necessarily know what’s out there.”

The couple also has plans of starting a record label as a way to bring the Salt Lake area bands together. This would fill in a gap that has been void for years and would become a way to unify the bands and help bring them recognition on a more national level.

But for the time, Tye and Boscan hope to see more people coming out to the shows and supporting the talent in Salt Lake.

“Everyone should just get out and experience local music right now,” Tye finished. “It’s at a high-point which I don’t think I’ve ever seen before. There’s bands for every genre. Take advantage of the fact that all of this is happening here.”

Diabolical Records is located on 238 Edison Street, Salt Lake City. For all concert updates and news about the record store, follow them on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.


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