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Making sure your online brand doesn't keep you from getting a job

Feb 24th - 2:21pm

According to new research from The Creative Group, 63% of executives said they search online for information about prospective employees. And 48% of have decided not to hire a candidate based on what they found.

New Utah based movie breaks SAG records

Feb 21st - 3:20pm

Tim Timmerman is a semi-autobiographical film about Director Cameron Sawyer’s experiences as a student body president in Utah in the mid 90’s, and is loosely based on his time as quite possibly the worst high school student body president in high school history.

Utah group creates ventilators for third world countries

Feb 17th - 3:17pm

All over the world--newborn babies have serious health complications that we are easily able to treat here in the United States. A new organization in Provo is looking to help save lives with a new medical device.