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#FanX17: Cosplay is King!

Mar 17th - 2:01pm

#FanX17: CEO Dan Farr

Mar 17th - 1:46pm

Jimmy Martin meets the cast Beauty and the Beast

Mar 16th - 2:32pm

It's one of the most anticipated movies of the year and our resident expert Jimmy Martin got to sit down with the star studded cast.

Sam Jones on what its like to meet his fans

Mar 16th - 2:14pm

Vendors are setting up right now to get ready for Salt Lake Comic Con Fan X and the celebrity guests are coming in to town. With us today is one of those guests--actor Sam Jones--best known for his role as Flash Gordon.

Spring cleaning in the virtual and real world

Mar 9th - 3:24pm

Spring is on it's way--and you may be feeling the urge to do some cleaning. Our resident tech expert Alex Lawrence from Weber State University is here with some of the best apps and devices to help you clean up your physical world as well as your digital world!

Local company works to celebrate International Women's Day

Mar 7th - 3:13pm

Tomorrow is International Women's Day--celebrating the roles of women as well as highlighting some of the setbacks women around the world face every day. Something most of us take for granted--access to feminine hygiene supplies that allow us to carry on with our busy lives.