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Students staying healthy during cold and flu season

Erin Goff  |  Posted  Oct 20th - 8:42pm

Kids and germs seem to go together like peanut butter and jelly. But teachers and parents can protect everyone from getting sick with a few simple precautions.

Concussions among teens on the rise

Erin Goff  |  Posted  Oct 13th - 8:42pm

A new study shows concussions among teens are on the rise. The Utah Valley Concussion Clinic is getting teens back in the game and minimizing the effects from brain injuries.

Itchy eyes and the sniffles may be fall allergies

Erin Goff  |  Posted  Oct 6th - 5:51pm

Falling temperatures combined with itchy eyes and the sniffles may lead some to think they have a cold. But those same symptoms could also mean an allergy. In today's Your Life Your Health we tell you how you can find relief.

Harmons whips up a simple, healthy Kohlrabi, Apple and Hazelnut Salad

Oct 6th - 1:34pm

Harmons whips up a simple, healthy Kohlrabi, Apple and Hazelnut Salad for this weeks Your Life Your Health.

Flu shots now available

Erin Goff  |  Posted  Sep 30th - 4:52pm

Flu season is just around the corner. Now is the time to get your flu shot.

A hike is good for the brain

Erin Goff  |  Posted  Sep 26th - 5:53pm

Taking a hike in the great outdoors is good for the body and the brain. Scientists say taking a break from the hustle and bustle and escaping to the mountains can actually change your brain for the better.

Mother uncovers lasting impact of baby son's organ donation

Lauran Neergaard, Associated Press  |  Posted  Sep 25th - 11:53am

An ultrasound showed one of Sarah Gray's unborn twins was missing part of his brain, a fatal birth defect. His brother was born healthy but Thomas lived just six days. Latching onto hope for something positive to come from heartache, Gray donated some of Thomas' tissue for scientific research — his eyes, his liver, his umbilical cord blood.

Whole Wheat Mediterranean Pizza

Sep 22nd - 1:45pm

Participants get second chance at heart challenge

Erin Goff  |  Posted  Sep 15th - 8:38pm

Utah Valley Hospital has chosen 21 Utah County residents to take part in its inaugural Alumni 100-Day Heart Challenge.

Doctors office and fitness center in one place

Erin Goff, Contributor  |  Posted  Sep 13th - 4:54pm

Health care providers often tell patients to start exercising, but unlike popping a pill, it takes some encouragement to get started. Intermountain LiVe Well centers are providing that motivation by combining doctor's offices with fitness centers.

Report: Half of Utah students who report using alcohol are also vaping

Daphne Chen  |  Posted  Sep 12th - 9:39pm

New data from the Utah Department of Health and Utah Department of Human Services add to public health officials' fears that youths are increasingly turning to e-cigarettes.

Mediterranean diet may be more helpful than statins

Jen Christensen, CNN  |  Posted  Sep 4th - 10:00pm

A study found people with heart problems who stuck with the Mediterranean diet had a 37% lower risk of death. A lot of doctors like the Mediterranean diet because there are a lot of menu options.

First heart surgery, then 100 hikes on Timpanogos trail

Wendy Leonard  |  Posted  Sep 3rd - 9:07am

Hundreds of hikers return to the Timpanogos Cave National Monument trail day after day and week after week to get exercise.

School-based clinic providing primary care for Utah County communities

Sandra Olney  |  Posted  Sep 1st - 5:49pm

Schools are often like community centers — a gathering place for families. A unique community clinic in Provo is showing what a small, devoted group of health professionals can do to keep Utah County families healthy.

Growing effort to help decrease the number of opioid-related deaths in Utah

Michael Anderson  |  Posted  Aug 31st - 10:16pm

There's a growing effort to help decrease the number of opioid-related deaths in Utah. Efforts are being emphasized in Weber County, where there are twice as many prescription drug-related deaths than the rest of the state.

U. students invent video game to help diagnose lazy eye in kids

Daphne Chen  |  Posted  Aug 28th - 7:00pm

A video game invented by a University of Utah student is undergoing clinical trials at the John A. Moran Eye Center and is in the process of approval from the FDA for use as a diagnostic tool for lazy eye.