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Hard Workin' Haley joins the Housekeeping team at the Grand America Hotel

Feb 11th - 12:09pm

With 775 rooms to clean, being a housekeeper at the Grand America Hotel is a lot of work. The crew has to follow a strict 130 point inspection...

Web Watch Wednesday with Dan Young

Feb 10th - 3:11pm

Each Wednesday, Dan Young from PC Laptops brings you some great ideas of how to make your computer work better.

Marvel Universe Live! in studio

Feb 10th - 12:40pm

#TechTuesday with Alex Lawrence February 9th

Feb 9th - 2:38pm

Time for our weekly segment of new apps and services to help make your life a little easier.

Flower preparations for Valentine's Day at the Harmons Floral Design Center

Haley Smith  |  Posted  Feb 9th - 8:17am

From chocolates and jewelry to a beautiful arrangement of flowers…there can be a lot of pressure for Valentine's Day presents. So our Haley Smith set out to show you what goes on behind the scenes at flower centers across the country AND how you can make your flower buying purchase a bit simpler this year.

Healthy Super Bowl treats

Feb 8th - 1:56pm

The "Quad Squad's" morning routine

Haley Smith  |  Posted  Feb 8th - 9:34am

A couple struggling with infertility for 8 years gave birth to quadruplets 1 year ago.

Two High School Students Build Physics App

Feb 5th - 2:53pm

Two Westlake High School students built an app to help them with the physics equations they face in their classes.

Hard Workin' Haley tries gecko handling at new Geckos Live!

Haley Smith  |  Posted  Feb 4th - 9:14am

Geckos from across the globe have come together in Salt Lake City...It's called Geckos Live! It's a traveling exhibit on display until the end of May.

February Family Activities to Prevent Cabin Fever

Feb 3rd - 2:39pm

With the weather still very cold outside, February has all kinds of great activities for your family to get out and enjoy.

Chocolate Pancakes for Valentine's Breakfast

Feb 3rd - 2:32pm

Since Valentine's Day falls on a weekend this year, making breakfast for your sweetheart is the perfect way to show your love.

#TechTuesday with Alex Lawrence 2/2

Feb 2nd - 2:17pm

It's time for one of our favorite segments of the week.

Changing up your workout routine for 2016

Haley Smith  |  Posted  Feb 2nd - 8:20am

As we sail into February, your New Year's resolution to workout regularly may start to feel a little overwhelming. So why not change it up?

Choosy Chocolates gears up for Valentines Day rush

Feb 1st - 8:53am

As thousands of people plan what they're going to do for the special someone this Valentine's Day, Choosy Chocolates is gearing up for the chocolate rush.

Utah Firefighter Creates Device to Stop Kitchen Fires

Jan 29th - 2:06pm

A Provo firefighter says he saw a huge need to prevent and stop kitchen fires. And his creation featured on Shark Tank could really make a huge difference.

Pizza week: Lucky Slice Pizza

Jan 29th - 1:32pm

Pizza week: SLAB Pizza

Jan 29th - 1:29pm

Utah Middle Schooler a Finalist in Verizon Innovative App Challenge

Jan 28th - 2:59pm

A Utah 7th grader is a finalist in the Verizon Innovative App Challenge, and he needs your help to make it to the next round.