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The Best Holiday Toys to Shop for this Thanksgiving Weekend

Nov 25th - 1:41pm

This weekend is one of the best for holiday deals, and we're talking about some of the hottest toys they'll want from Santa this year.

Big Savings this Black Friday on KSL Deals

Nov 25th - 1:32pm

There's something for everyone on KSL Deals this holiday season. And the savings start now.

Allergy friendly Thanksgiving side

Nov 25th - 12:34pm

15 million Americans have food allergies. Here's a recipe that avoids all the top 8 food allergens.

Tech ideas for your holiday shopping list

Nov 24th - 2:54pm giving a preview of the best tech deals for holiday shopping this Thanksgiving weekend.

Best Apps and Websites to make it through Thanksgiving Weekend

Nov 24th - 2:36pm

As part of a Black Friday boot camp, we're talking about the best apps and websites that can help you through your travels, and Black Friday shopping.

Today's lunch: Tupelo

Nov 24th - 12:47pm

We're cooking up a tasty salad with a brand new restaurant in Park City.

Utahns making a difference

Nov 23rd - 12:31pm

One man's goal to feed families in the Jordan School District was realized, thanks to hundreds of volunteers.

Black Friday Shopping Items to Bring the Family Together

Nov 20th - 3:01pm

With Black Friday quickly approaching and the holiday break with the kids approaching, there are some great digital gifts that you can get to bring your family closer together.

Turkey 101 with Harmons

Nov 20th - 12:41pm

A step by step guide to make sure your turkey turns out as good as grandma's.

Visionology Utah Talks How Blue Light Affects our Eyes

Nov 19th - 3:18pm

We've all likely experienced tired eyes from looking at a computer screen or TV all day. And it's becoming a bigger problem because of how prevalent technology is in our lives.

Tech Your Halls This Season

Nov 19th - 2:56pm

Technology makes decking your halls so much easier and more fun!

Your life, your health: turkey, gouda and peach chutney sandwich

Nov 19th - 12:43pm

A tasty twist on your Thanksgiving-leftover turkey sandwich.

Celebrate the Holidays at City Creek Center

Nov 18th - 2:49pm

With just a week to go before Thanksgiving, it's beginning to look a lot like Christmas.

Chocolate pecan tart from Park City Culinary Institute

Nov 18th - 1:32pm

A twist on a Thanksgiving classic you can make the day before.

Indulge your sandwich craving with Capriotti's

Nov 17th - 2:33pm

Captriotti's has a tradition of slow roasting turkey to put on their delicious sandwiches.

Utah teen builds successful app

Kristine Pratt  |  Posted  Nov 14th - 12:35pm

A growing movement is getting more women and girls involved in technology. It's a goal that Kelsea Barker embraces and considers herself a part of. She built and launched her first app before her 16th birthday.

Author Richard Paul Evans talks about "The Mistletoe Inn"

Nov 13th - 1:30pm

It's a holiday tradition for many, a new Christmas story from local author Richard Paul Evans.

Holiday Gift Ideas from Tech Launchpad

Nov 12th - 2:33pm

It's time to get thinking now what you want to get for people on your holiday gift list. Check out these ideas from the folks at Tech Launchpad.

Nintendo Airstream Comes to Salt Lake

Nov 11th - 3:03pm

Video games are always a hot item on wish lists during the holidays. And Nintendo is showing off some of their best stuff they have coming out this year.