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Utah 911 dispatcher turns photos into sketches during graveyard shifts

Celeste Tholen, Contributor  |  Posted  Jun 28th - 2:00pm

Amber Rock is a local 911 dispatcher who, during the quiet hours of a grave shift, finds time to sketch meaningful drawings for others.

Ancient temple of Mexican Otomi Indians damaged

Mark Stevenson, Associated Press  |  Posted  Jun 28th - 1:51pm

Assailants have damaged an ancient Otomi Indian religious site in Mexico, toppling stone structures used as altars, breaking carved stones and scattering offerings of flowers, fruit and paintings at the remote mountain shrine known as Mayonihka or Mexico Chiquito.

Feds urge consumers to act quickly on Ikea dresser recall

Paul Holston, Associated Press  |  Posted  Jun 28th - 1:40pm

Ikea is recalling 29 million chests and dressers that can easily tip over and trap children underneath. Six children have been killed and three dozen others injured in the past 27 years, and federal safety officials on Tuesday urged consumers to take immediate action.

Have You Seen This? Seal jams with a busker

John Clyde, Contributor  |  Posted  Jun 28th - 1:15pm

Singing star Seal saw a man busking up in Montreal and decided he'd join in on the fun.

Israel bans access for non-Muslims to Jerusalem holy site

Aron Heller, Associated Press  |  Posted  Jun 28th - 1:01pm

Israeli police on Tuesday banned non-Muslims from a contentious Jerusalem holy site until the end of the Muslim holy month of Ramadan following two days of clashes with Palestinians at the site.

Supreme Court rejects pharmacists' religious rights appeal

Rachel By Corte, Associated Press  |  Posted  Jun 28th - 1:01pm

The U.S. Supreme Court on Tuesday declined to hear an appeal from Washington state pharmacists who said they have religious objections to dispensing Plan B or other emergency contraceptives.

Horseback rider on NYC bridge is raising awareness of hunger

The Associated Press  |  Posted  Jun 28th - 12:40pm

A cowboy who tied up traffic by riding a horse across a busy bridge connecting New York City and New Jersey says he is traversing the country to raise money and awareness for child hunger.

World's largest uncut diamond is going up for auction in London

Chris Isidore, CNN  |  Posted  Jun 28th - 12:40pm

An uncut 1,109-carat diamond is set to be auctioned off Wednesday in London. It's the largest uncut diamond in the world and the second largest ever found.

'Lone wolf' terror attacks inspired by IS to persist in West

Richard Lardner, Associated Press  |  Posted  Jun 28th - 12:10pm

The threat of "lone wolf" acts of terrorism inspired by the Islamic State will persist in the West, a senior Obama administration official said Tuesday, even as the extremist group loses battles and territory in the Middle East.

Google Earth just got way better

Hope King, CNN  |  Posted  Jun 28th - 11:45am

Google Earth just got a huge upgrade.

Tips for exploring Antelope Canyon by kayak

Mike Godfrey, Contributor  |  Posted  Jun 28th - 11:29am

The beauty of Lake Powell in Utah and Arizona's deserts is undeniable. And as home to more than 90 side canyons and nearly 2,000 miles of shoreline, there's no shortage of adventure to be had.

Trump's shifting position Muslim ban causes confusion

Jill Colvin, Associated Press  |  Posted  Jun 28th - 11:11am

From the moment he first declared it, the plan has been a signature of his campaign for president: "Donald J. Trump is calling for a total and complete shutdown of Muslims entering the United States until our country's representatives can figure out what is going on."

Retired pope thanks reigning pope for his focus on mercy

Nicole Winfield, Associated Press  |  Posted  Jun 28th - 9:50am

Retired Pope Benedict XVI thanked Pope Francis and endorsed his mercy-filled ministry Tuesday during an unprecedented Vatican ceremony featuring the reigning pope honoring the retired one on the 65th anniversary of his ordination as a priest.

Girl born without right hand transformed into a Disney princess

Aria Armstrong, Special to CNN  |  Posted  Jun 28th - 9:14am

All hail the ice queen! 9-year-old Karissa Mitchell, born without a right hand and most of her wrist, was gifted with a "Frozen"-themed prosthetic arm last week.

Palestinians say Israel caused their summer water shortage

Mohammed Daraghmeh and Daniella Cheslow, Associated Press  |  Posted  Jun 28th - 8:10am

As Palestinians in the West Bank fast from dawn to dusk in scorching heat during the Muslim holy month of Ramadan, tens of thousands of people have been affected by a drought that has greatly reduced the flow to their taps.

German court restarts trial after judge repeatedly nods off

The Associated Press  |  Posted  Jun 28th - 5:20am

A German court had to restart the trial of two men suspected of robbing a grocery store because a judge kept nodding off during the proceedings.

Judge: Mississippi law creates inequality for gay marriage

Emily Wagster Pettus, Associated Press  |  Posted  Jun 27th - 11:40pm

Mississippi clerks cannot cite their own religious beliefs to recuse themselves from issuing marriage licenses to same-sex couples, under a ruling a federal judge handed down Monday.

Child rescued from hot car is second Utah case in 2 days

Pat Reavy  |  Posted  Jun 27th - 10:27pm

A Logan police officer suffered minor injuries Monday after breaking the window of a woman's car to get a trapped toddler out. The incident occurred a day after a 1-year-old was left in a car for more than two hours as the temperature climbed.

Family searches for answers after daughter, 8, dies from flu

Daphne Chen  |  Posted  Jun 27th - 10:24pm

The Coynes thought their daughter had a mild stomach flu. A few hours later, she was dead. The medical examiner determined her cause of death to be the H1N1 influenza virus.

Florida's coral reef system in rapid decay, scientists say

Boris Sanchez, CNN  |  Posted  Jun 27th - 9:39pm

The most terrifying thing lurking under the waters of the Atlantic Ocean may not come with razor sharp teeth.