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Chapel of Love lost to fire that ravaged city in Smokies

Jonathan Mattise, Associated Press  |  Posted  Dec 10th - 8:50am

The wildfires that killed 14 people and tore through Gatlinburg also stole an iconic venue from this city at the foot of the Great Smoky Mountains whose nickname is "the wedding capital of the South."

Assad relies on foreign fighters in push to retake Aleppo

Bassem Mroue, Associated Press  |  Posted  Dec 10th - 12:30am

Syria's President Bashar Assad is on the verge of recapturing all of Aleppo from rebels, but the victory won't be his alone. The battle for Syria's largest city has attracted thousands of foreign forces backing Assad — including Russian soldiers and Shiite fighters from Iran, Lebanon, Iraq and Afghanistan.

'Once in a lifetime find': Dinosaur tail discovered trapped in amber

Katie Hunt, CNN  |  Posted  Dec 9th - 8:41pm

The tail of a 99-million year old dinosaur has been found entombed in amber, an unprecedented discovery that has blown away scientists.

14-year-old with cystic fibrosis becomes fashion model for a day

Tania Mashburn  |  Posted  Dec 9th - 8:15pm

Rylee Bess has cystic fibrosis. A couple years ago Make-A-Wish reached out, and Rylee knew just what she wanted: to go to New York and be a model for a day.

Volunteering means life-changing experience for woman, children she's helping

Sandra Olney  |  Posted  Dec 9th - 6:54pm

At South Salt Lake's Lincoln Elementary, there is a volunteer who puts in full-time hours. This spring, Lizzie Whiffen came aboard to help keep a school store stocked. But soon, Whiffen was reading with refugee children and organizing a pillow drive.

Don't text, just dance: Upbeat campaign prompts serious conversations about distracted driving

McKenzie Romero  |  Posted  Dec 9th - 6:24pm

What do a troop of groovy stormtroopers and a dance called "The Wookiee" have to do with texting and driving? Nothing. But the team behind an online campaign hopes its pledge videos will get drivers thinking about their phone habits behind the wheel.

The Latest: Feds: Disband police in polygamous towns

The Associated Press  |  Posted  Dec 9th - 6:11pm

The Latest on a federal case against two polygamous towns(all times local):

Lynch to visit mosque amid spike in anti-Muslim hate crimes

The Associated Press  |  Posted  Dec 9th - 3:10pm

Attorney General Loretta Lynch is visiting a mosque in Virginia next week amid a sharp increase in hate crimes targeting Muslims.

Will Trump keep campaign promises to women?

Heather Long, CNN  |  Posted  Dec 9th - 2:34pm

One of the biggest surprises of the election is how well Donald Trump did among women, especially white women.

Churches vow to offer sanctuary to people in US illegally

Denise Lavoie, Associated Press  |  Posted  Dec 9th - 1:30pm

Hundreds of houses of worship are offering sanctuary to people who could face deportation if President-elect Donald Trump follows through on his campaign pledge to remove millions of immigrants living in the country illegally.

Have You Seen This? The evolution of Disney animation

John Clyde, Contributor  |  Posted  Dec 9th - 1:15pm

Disney has been making animated features for nearly 80 years, and this video takes us through the evolution of their animation, from "Snow White" to "Zootopia."

Instagram finally lets users disable comments

Sara Ashley O'Brien, CNN  |  Posted  Dec 9th - 12:46pm

Instagram is giving its users the power to quiet the trolls in their feeds.

Turkeys cause power outages in Oregon town

The Associated Press  |  Posted  Dec 9th - 12:11pm

A flock of wild turkeys, long considered menaces to one Oregon town, have sparked new ire after causing power outages in the eastern part of Medford.

Video shows bull elk battle in a snowstorm

Grant Olsen, Contributor  |  Posted  Dec 9th - 11:35am

A new video shows two bull elk clashing in Pennsylvania.

Vatican nativity scene includes quake-damaged church spire

The Associated Press  |  Posted  Dec 9th - 11:00am

The Vatican's Christmas nativity scene has an unusual addition this year: a spire from one of the dozens of churches and basilicas that were damaged or destroyed in this year's central Italy earthquakes.

Volunteer firefighter saves family's home from Tennessee wildfires

Polo Sandoval, CNN  |  Posted  Dec 9th - 10:06am

All Amy and Doug Williams could do was to hope and pray their family's mountain retreat had weathered Tennessee's historic wildfires.

Round 2: Which is Utah's favorite Christmas song?

Xoel Cardenas  |  Posted  Dec 9th - 10:00am

As we count down the days until Christmas, we also continue to count down Utah’s favorite Christmas songs. Last week, we asked you to narrow the field from 32 to 16. In this poll, you will narrow down the field to the elite eight.

Diplomats call for aid access to troubled Myanmar state

Esther Htusan, Associated Press  |  Posted  Dec 9th - 7:52am

Foreign diplomatic missions in Myanmar urged its government on Friday to allow "full and unfettered" humanitarian access to troubled Rakhine state, where operations by aid agencies have been curtailed while the army carries out counterinsurgency operations.