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Mars: Take a 360 degree video tour of its surface

Tiffany AP for CNN  |  Posted  Feb 9th - 8:16pm

This may be as close as you'll ever come to living out sci-fi film "The Martian".

New video of 'Yeti' at ski resort sparks Internet debate

Natalie Crofts  |  Posted  Feb 9th - 7:02pm

The image of a hulking, shaggy-white figure on the slopes of a Spanish ski resort has renewed questions about the legendary Yeti's existence.

Sikh man blocked by Mexican airline satisfied with apology

Mark Stevenson, Associated Press  |  Posted  Feb 9th - 7:01pm

An Indian-American actor and designer who wasn't allowed to board a Mexico City-to-New York flight after refusing to remove his turban said Tuesday that he is satisfied with an apology from the airline.

Texas couple charged with forcing nanny to work for no pay

Juan A. Lozano, Associated Press  |  Posted  Feb 9th - 6:23pm

A Houston-area couple forced a Nigerian woman to care for their five children and home without pay during a two-year period in which she was physically and verbally abused, made to work nearly 20 hours a day and told to sleep on the floor, federal authorities say.

Couple accused of sex act on Vegas Strip observation wheel

The Associated Press  |  Posted  Feb 9th - 5:34pm

A Houston man and a New York woman are facing felony charges after authorities say they were recorded having sex in public during a 30-minute ride in a glass-enclosed cabin 550 feet above the Las Vegas Strip.

Fries with that? Man accused of tossing gator at drive-thru

Terry Spencer, Associated Press  |  Posted  Feb 9th - 4:31pm

Alligators have been used as shoes, briefcases, university mascots, lunch and now, authorities say, a deadly weapon.

U of Illinois menorah damaged for a third time

David Mercer, Associated Press  |  Posted  Feb 9th - 4:20pm

A 9-foot-tall menorah at a University of Illinois Jewish student center has been damaged for a third time in less than a year, police said Tuesday, and the center's rabbi believes school leaders need to take a stronger stand against the vandalism.

Fries with that? Man accused of tossing gator at drive-thru

Terry Spencer, Associated Press  |  Posted  Feb 9th - 4:20pm

Alligators have been used as shoes, briefcases, university mascots, lunch and now, authorities say, a deadly weapon.

Franklin Graham urges S Carolina Christians to vote biblically

The Associated Press  |  Posted  Feb 9th - 4:10pm

The Rev. Franklin Graham is urging Christians in South Carolina to pray before they vote in the nation's next presidential primary.

Prosecutor hands over hours of audio in Masonic temple case

Greg Moore, Associated Press  |  Posted  Feb 9th - 3:41pm

A federal prosecutor handed over hundreds of hours of audio recordings Tuesday to an attorney defending a man accused of plotting to shoot up a Milwaukee Masonic temple in the name of Islam.

Pope briefs priests: Don't be smug, don't judge sinners

Frances D'Emilio, Associated Press  |  Posted  Feb 9th - 2:41pm

A specially-recruited group of priests received last-minute instructions from Pope Francis Tuesday before fanning out through the world to show a more merciful face of the Catholic Church to sinners.

Mom fights back after son's picture used in cruel Internet meme

Tracie Snowder  |  Posted  Feb 9th - 2:33pm

A mom whose son was born with a genetic disorder is on a crusade to get his picture taken off the Internet after it was turned into an offensive meme.

Have You Seen This? Mom vs triplets and toddler

John Clyde, Contributor  |  Posted  Feb 9th - 1:16pm

I can barely get myself ready for bed, but this mom puts us all to shame. Well, at least me. She for sure puts me to shame.

Should I buy a home while still paying student loans?

Kathryn Vasel, CNN  |  Posted  Feb 9th - 12:55pm

Should you wait to buy a home until you can afford to put a 20 percent down payment or opt for a low down payment mortgage option?

Son of Iraqi Kurdish leader calls for aid to battle IS

Bram Janssen and Balint Szlanko, Associated Press  |  Posted  Feb 9th - 11:51am

A senior Iraqi Kurdish leader on Tuesday called for international aid to help finance the war against the Islamic State group, saying it's a "miracle" that underpaid Kurdish forces are still on the front lines.

Video: Boy with leukemia proposes to his favorite nurse, 'tall Sarah'

Natalie Crofts  |  Posted  Feb 9th - 11:45am

When 5-year-old Gideon Robinson heard that his favorite nurse was unmarried, he volunteered to fill the role of husband himself.

15 tips of what not to do while visiting Paris

Emi Rigby, Contributor  |  Posted  Feb 9th - 11:38am

Everyone knows that there are amazing things to do in Paris, but there are also some things to avoid. These tips will save money and time to enhance your visit to the City of Light.

Twin sisters in New Jersey give birth to girls minutes apart

The Associated Press  |  Posted  Feb 9th - 11:20am

Twin sisters in New Jersey have given birth to girls just minutes apart at the same hospital.

Students learn with flight simulator, hands-on experiements at STEM Fest

Carrie Rogers-Whitehead, Contributor  |  Posted  Feb 9th - 11:15am

Jonathan, along with over 18,000 other middle and high school students, participated in the three-day event that started Feb. 2.