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Chinese gloat over Obama's turkey named Abe _ not Ah-bay

The Associated Press  |  Posted  Nov 26th - 4:20am

President Barack Obama's pardoning of a turkey named "Abe" this Thanksgiving has led some Chinese to gloat at the Japanese prime minister's expense.

Meet John Howland, a lucky Pilgrim _ and maybe your ancestor

Mark Pratt, Associated Press  |  Posted  Nov 25th - 11:51pm

John Howland may not be as famous as William Bradford, John Carver and Myles Standish, notable passengers on the Mayflower that landed in Massachusetts in 1620.

Fast food farce: When your sandwich doesn't look as advertised

Mike Headrick and Tania Mashburn  |  Posted  Nov 25th - 10:36pm

When you order fast food, how many times has that burger or burrito actually looked like the advertisement? KSL Investigator Mike Headrick goes on a fast-food run to find out if what you see is what you get and learns the tricks of fast-food styling.

Help! How to lower Thanksgiving stress

Kelly Wallace, CNN  |  Posted  Nov 25th - 8:53pm

What to do when you feel the stress level starting to rise?

A mother's gratitude journal

Lyndsi Frandsen, Contributor  |  Posted  Nov 25th - 7:54pm

For moms who are living the day-to-day bustle that is parenthood, it's all too easy for the holidays to pass us by — and with it goes the chance to reflect upon what we are really, truly and deeply thankful for.

Judge: GOP, Constitution Party exempt from open primary rule

The Associated Press  |  Posted  Nov 25th - 5:58pm

A federal judge has ruled two Utah political parties that challenged a new state election law are exempt from a requirement that they allow unaffiliated voters in their primary elections.

GOP Utah governor candidate to debate Sen. Jim Dabakis

The Associated Press  |  Posted  Nov 25th - 4:47pm

A Republican candidate for governor says he's debating a Democratic lawmaker because Gov. Gary Herbert won't debate him this year ahead of the 2016 election.

Winds and high tides damage Alaska beach art installation

The Associated Press  |  Posted  Nov 25th - 4:21pm

Winds and high tides have seriously damaged most of an Anchorage public art installation that is focusing on mental health.

Criminal justice issues showing up in 2016 presidential race

Eric Tucker, Associated Press  |  Posted  Nov 25th - 4:20pm

On the campaign trail, among candidates of both parties, the idea of locking up drug criminals for life is a lot less popular than it was a generation ago.

Georgia sheriff revels in 'politically incorrect' sign

The Associated Press  |  Posted  Nov 25th - 1:51pm

If you don't like a Georgia sheriff's political incorrectness, you can leave his county.

Obama: No credible intelligence about plot against US

Julie Pace, Associated Press  |  Posted  Nov 25th - 1:44pm

President Barack Obama said there currently is no "specific and credible" intelligence indicating a terrorist plot on the United States, as he sought to reassure anxious Americans for the Thanksgiving holiday.

Have You Seen This? Adele can do no wrong

Angie H. Treasure  |  Posted  Nov 25th - 1:13pm

What would happen if Adele were to take the soulful ballad and get silly with the accompaniment?

Quiz: Thanksgiving leftovers: Eat it or chuck it?

Nadia Kounang, CNN and Tracie Snowder  |  Posted  Nov 25th - 12:45pm

Here's the eat-it-or-chuck-it guide to your slightly suspect leftovers, based on advice from the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

9 of the best phones for technophobic grandparents

Alice Williams, Contributor  |  Posted  Nov 25th - 11:45am

The smartphone is the new standard, but it can sometimes be difficult for older users to understand how they work. These are the 9 best phones for your technophobic relatives.

5 panoramas you'll only find in Utah

Mike Godfrey, Contributor  |  Posted  Nov 25th - 11:31am

Utah is a land of diverse and breathtaking vistas filled with mind-boggling stone formations and capped with snow-covered peaks.

Pope urges Kenyans to work for peace

Nicole Winfield and Tom Odula, Associated Press  |  Posted  Nov 25th - 11:01am

Brushing aside security concerns, Pope Francis arrived in Kenya on Wednesday on his first-ever trip to Africa and urged Kenyans to work for peace and forgiveness amid a wave of extremist violence on the continent that threatens to disrupt his trip.

Woman fined $1,000 for trashing worker's office with glitter

The Associated Press  |  Posted  Nov 25th - 10:47am

A former clerk at an Ohio county's fiscal office has been fined $1,000 for trashing a co-worker's office with glitter and purple Silly String.

Rubio finesses abortion stance criticized by Democrats

Julie Pace, Associated Press  |  Posted  Nov 25th - 10:20am

When Republican presidential candidate Marco Rubio staked out a hard-line position on abortion in the first GOP debate, Hillary Rodham Clinton took notice.

Israel court allows transgender woman's cremation

Tia Goldenberg, Associated Press  |  Posted  Nov 25th - 9:31am

The body of an Israeli transgender woman who took her own life will be cremated despite her ultra-Orthodox family's wishes, Israel's Supreme Court ruled in documents obtained Wednesday.

Scientists create new strain of malaria-blocking mosquito

Hilary Whiteman, CNN  |  Posted  Nov 25th - 8:59am

Scientists in the U.S. say they've created a new strain of mosquito that could eventually help eradicate malaria.

Supreme leader says US using money, sex to infiltrate Iran

Ali Akbar Dareini, Associated Press  |  Posted  Nov 25th - 8:02am

Iran's top leader said Wednesday the United States is using "money and sexual attractions" to try to infiltrate the Islamic Republic and warned Iranians not to fall into the "enemy's trap."

Taylorsville man organizes delivery of 776 Thanksgiving meals

Tori Jorgensen  |  Posted  Nov 25th - 8:02am

Following the lead of Rob Adams, more than 300 volunteers helped sort, prep and deliver 16,000 pounds of turkey, 8,000 pounds of potatoes and other Thanksgiving favorites to local, needy families Monday.

AP PHOTOS: Ancient Jewish community endures on Tunisian isle

Mosa'ab Elshamy, Associated Press  |  Posted  Nov 25th - 1:00am

When school lets out, the streets around the ancient synagogue on this Tunisian island fill with rambunctious boys wearing Jewish kippahs and girls in long skirts, shouting to each other in Hebrew, Arabic and French.