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Jury to weigh death sentence for man in Jewish site killings

Heather Hollingsworth, Associated Press  |  Posted  Sep 1st - 9:31am

Jurors who convicted a white supremacist of killing three people at Jewish sites in suburban Kansas City will begin hearing more evidence Tuesday before deciding whether to recommend a death sentence.

Supreme Court rules against clerk in gay marriage case

Claire Galofaro, Associated Press  |  Posted  Aug 31st - 7:11pm

The Supreme Court on Monday ruled against the Kentucky county clerk who has refused to issue same-sex marriage licenses, and the clerk will arrive at work Tuesday morning to face her moment of truth.

Former teacher spearheading new literacy campaign

Kendra Peek-Messenger, Associated Press  |  Posted  Aug 29th - 1:10pm

Elaine Wilson-Reddy of Danville has weaved in and out of education much of her adult life, now spearheading an early literacy campaign for children and families.

Vatican: Heart attack killed ex-envoy charged with sex abuse

Frances D'Emilio, Associated Press  |  Posted  Aug 29th - 9:51am

The former papal envoy to the Dominican Republic, who went on trial at the Holy See this summer for alleged sexual abuse of minors, died of a heart attack, according to initial autopsy results, the Vatican said Saturday.

Exiled Tibetan gov't warns China not to meddle in tradition

Ashwini Bhatia, Associated Press  |  Posted  Sep 1st - 6:41am

The exiled Tibetan government said it saw no cause for celebrating 50 years since China formed the Tibetan Autonomous Region, insisting that Tuesday instead marked a half-century of occupation and control over the once-independent Himalayan kingdom.

Pope marking day dedicated to hailing creation

The Associated Press  |  Posted  Sep 1st - 5:10am

Pope Francis is marking a day he has dedicated to praising and protecting nature's marvels.

Christian school founder in court over sex offender's work

The Associated Press  |  Posted  Sep 1st - 2:10am

The co-founder and principal of a private Christian school in Fayetteville is due in court after authorities say a registered sex offender was allowed to work there in violation of state law.

Pope Francis asks bullied Chicago girl to sing for him

The Associated Press  |  Posted  Sep 1st - 1:00am

Pope Francis, speaking Monday from the Vatican via satellite to people in three American cities, asked a teenage girl to sing for him as he sought prayers for his upcoming trip to the United States.

AP NewsAlert

The Associated Press  |  Posted  Aug 31st - 5:41pm

Supreme Court rejects Kentucky gay marriage case, clerk must issue licenses despite religion.

Appeals court rejects challenge to Jesus statue

The Associated Press  |  Posted  Aug 31st - 4:21pm

A federal appeals court has ruled that a six-foot statue known as Big Mountain Jesus can remain on U.S. Forest Service property in Montana.

Jury convicts white supremacist of killing 3 people at Kansas City-area Jewish sites last year

The Associated Press  |  Posted  Aug 31st - 3:21pm

Jury convicts white supremacist of killing 3 people at Kansas City-area Jewish sites last year.

Influential Christian sect ends protests in Philippines

Jim Gomez, Associated Press  |  Posted  Aug 31st - 5:01am

Thousands of members of a politically influential Christian sect on Monday ended five days of street protests that set off huge traffic jams in the Philippine capital and sparked outrage from motorists.

Called to religious life, but not a priestly one

David Singleton(scranton) Times-Tribune, Associated Press  |  Posted  Aug 30th - 10:10am

John Baldino heard the calling to religious life. It just took time to recognize where it beckoned.

Ministers: Second calling sometimes leads to clergy career

Joanne Viviano, Associated Press  |  Posted  Aug 30th - 7:40am

One of the Rev. Jay Anderson's most vivid childhood memories involves lining up his stuffed animals on the family couch before tipping an ottoman on its side as a makeshift altar and preaching to the fluffy faithful.

Pope: Let's stop crimes like deaths of migrants in trucks

The Associated Press  |  Posted  Aug 30th - 5:00am

Pope Francis is urging people to work together to stop crimes against migrants, including the 71 who perished in a smuggler's truck on the main Budapest-Vienna highway.

Clerk asks US Supreme Court to intervene in marriage case

The Associated Press  |  Posted  Aug 28th - 5:30pm

Two months after it legalized gay marriage nationwide, the U.S. Supreme Court is being asked by a Kentucky county clerk for permission to keep denying marriage licenses to same-sex couples.

Federal judge says religious monument can stay at school

The Associated Press  |  Posted  Aug 28th - 5:11pm

A federal judge has ruled that a Ten Commandments monument at a western Pennsylvania school violates the U.S. Constitution, but did not order that it be removed.

Vatican gets embroiled in Italy's 'banned books' fray

Nicole Winfield, Associated Press  |  Posted  Aug 28th - 1:42pm

The Vatican has gotten embroiled in a modern-day, secular version of the Index of Banned Books.

Vatican says ex-envoy, charged with sexual abuse, has died

Nicole Winfield, Associated Press  |  Posted  Aug 28th - 6:31am

The Vatican's former ambassador to the Dominican Republic, the highest-ranking Holy See official to ever be charged with sexually abusing young boys, was found dead Friday as he awaited trial, the Vatican said.

Teacher priest seeks OK to wear religious habit in classroom

The Associated Press  |  Posted  Aug 27th - 12:31pm

A Roman Catholic priest who also is a public school teacher has asked officials to allow him to wear his religious habit in the classroom.