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Utah inventions: A surgeon who used kitchen utensils to save lives

Katrina Lynn Hawkins, Contributor  |  Posted  Jul 29th - 11:45am

William Ray Rumel first learned to work hard on his family dairy farm. His continued determination resulted in his performing many firsts in Utah's thoracic field. And he often did his feats with kitchen utensils!

LG unveils a 'smart' new flip phone

Ananya Bhattacharya  |  Posted  Jul 29th - 7:19am

Old meets new or old beats new?

Artist creates 'sense of wonderment' grafting 40 different fruits into 1 tree

Martha Ostergar  |  Posted  Jul 28th - 11:46am

A sculptor spent the last several years grafting together different kinds of stone fruit trees to make a single, multi-colored tree he dubbed the "Tree of 40 Fruit."

Terminating telemarketer calls: 3 smartphone apps put to the test

Mike Headrick and Tania Mashburn  |  Posted  Jul 27th - 10:30pm

How do you stop annoying telemarketing calls when the Do Not Call Registry doesn't work? KSL Investigators put three smartphone apps to the test.

Back it up! Your smartphone contains important memories

Mike Stapley, Contributor  |  Posted  Jul 27th - 11:45am

Too many these days do not back up their smartphone data and files. This article explains all of the best, and low cost, solutions for preventing the loss of important memories.

The search for ET has been going on for years. So what do we know so far?

Jonti Horner, CNN  |  Posted  Jul 26th - 9:02am

The search for extraterrestrial intelligence elsewhere in the universe has leaped to prominence once again, with the announcement of the Breakthrough Listen initiative.

Google could let you record, share and replay your memories

Ananya Bhattacharya, CNN  |  Posted  Jul 26th - 8:03am

Dear Diary, no one needs you anymore.

NASA finds 'Earth's bigger, older cousin'

Michael Pearson CNN  |  Posted  Jul 23rd - 1:13pm

NASA said Thursday that its Kepler spacecraft has spotted "Earth's bigger, older cousin": the first nearly Earth-size planet to be found in the habitable zone of a star similar to our own.

Hackable Chryslers need a software update

Jose Pagliery, CNN  |  Posted  Jul 22nd - 10:40pm

Welcome to a future where cars -- like computers -- need urgent software updates. teams up with Google's Calico to research human lifespan

Natalie Crofts  |  Posted  Jul 22nd - 7:55pm

Data from a local genealogy company could help researchers understand the role genetics play in the human lifespan.

Utah inventions: Brothers with over 100 patents

Anne Hinton Pratt, Contributor  |  Posted  Jul 22nd - 11:36am

Growing up with brothers that became scientific geniuses was quite an education. I had six brothers; three of them were very gifted in the sciences.

Smithsonian tries Kickstarter to save Armstrong's spacesuit

Eli Watkins, CNN  |  Posted  Jul 21st - 11:45am

Spacesuits can make it to the moon and back, but apparently, decades of storage on Earth can take their toll.

Dippy the Diplodocus up for 'adoption': Could you find a home for a dinosaur?

Bryony Jones, CNN  |  Posted  Jul 21st - 11:06am

Do you have a bit of space to spare? Is it big enough to house a truly vast visitor? If so, you could be in with a chance of bagging yourself a really big roommate.

A day with Apple Pay: testing the 'wallet of the future'

Debbie Dujanovic  |  Posted  Jul 20th - 10:29pm

It's called the wallet of the future, and you may be in the dark about how it works. More and more retailers allow you to pay at the register with a tap of your smartphone. KSL Investigator Debbie Dujanovic put it to the test.

5 ways to advocate for women in STEM

Carrie Rogers-Whitehead, Contributor  |  Posted  Jul 20th - 11:45am

Barriers to women's graduation and workforce retention rates are complicated and varied. What discourages women is often cultural and intangible. Here are some ways to help overcome those barriers and advocate for women in STEM.

New app helps owners find their missing pets

Maggie Lohmiller, CNN  |  Posted  Jul 18th - 7:28pm

Anyone who has lost a pet knows that gut-wrenching worry when they realize their dog is loose. A new smartphone app is using cutting edge technology to help to quickly spread the word.

How do screams scare us?

Sandee Lamotte, CNN  |  Posted  Jul 17th - 8:31pm

Whose screams rise the hairs on the back of your neck: Janet Leigh or Jamie Lee Curtis? A new study says one thing's for sure: the vocalizations of all these scream queens scare us because they target a special acoustic "sweet spot" in our brain.

Provo tech camp teaches young girls to code

Cassidy Hansen  |  Posted  Jul 17th - 8:11pm

As an effort to increase STEM learning and to promote science and technology career paths for women, conducted its first ever Coding Camp for employees' daughters ages 7 to 14.

China discovers winged, feathered 'dragon' dinosaur

Ivan Watson and Shen Lu, CNN  |  Posted  Jul 17th - 11:46am

Around 125 million years ago, a mule-sized dinosaur with a long tail and short, resplendently-feathered wings roamed a corner of what is now northeastern China.

Utah teen starts drone company, wins fellowship and $100K in funding

Natalie Crofts  |  Posted  Jul 16th - 11:45am

Out of thousands of applicants, a Utah teenager with his own drone company recently won a spot in the 2015 class of Thiel Fellows.