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A dietitian's advice on how to love, savor and enjoy food without guilt

Emily Fonnesbeck, Contributor  |  Posted   Feb 21st - 8:33pm

Mindful eating has real potential to create positive experiences with food, increasing self-trust and decreasing fear. With less focus on what you eat and more focus on how you behave around food, you can learn how to self-moderate without rules.

Are you a self-aware person?

Kim Giles, Contributor  |  Posted   Feb 21st - 6:57am

In this edition of LIFEadvice, Coach Kim helps you recognize your level of self-awareness and how to change it for the better.

New study suggests strategies for keeping off pounds

Jacqueline Howard, CNN  |  Posted   Feb 20th - 8:32pm

You've succeeded in losing weight. Now, what can you do to keep the pounds off?

Talk to babies and let them babble back to bridge word gap

Lauran Neergaard, Associated Press  |  Posted   Feb 20th - 7:52pm

Even infants can have conversations with mom or dad. Their turn just tends to involve a smile or some gibberish instead of words. That's a key lesson from programs that are coaching parents to talk more with their babies — and recording their attempts.

Recovering from surgery or stress? Yoga can help

Dana Santas, CNN  |  Posted   Feb 17th - 9:05pm

Whether you need to recover from a stressful day, a strenuous workout or even an injury or surgery, science says restorative yoga may be just the thing for you.

Transform your eating habits one homemade meal at a time

Suzanne Lewis, Contributor  |  Posted   Feb 16th - 9:04pm

Everything I needed to know in life I may have learned in my mother’s kitchen. The wonderful smell of home-cooked foods when I returned home from school was the beginning of building lasting healthy eating habits maintained into my adult years.

New dads risk depression too, study says

Jacqueline Howard, CNN  |  Posted   Feb 16th - 7:01am

Many men might describe expecting a baby as a joyous time in their life, but for some, a bundle of joy might be linked to a greater risk of depression.

Mindfulness: How it could help you be healthier, happier, more successful

Jen Christensen, CNN  |  Posted   Feb 15th - 8:33pm

The Dalai Lama remains mindful by meditating at least five hours a day — but you don't have to meditate a lot to be mindful and see positive health results.

Take pleasure rather than punishment with exercise

Paige Smathers, Contributor  |  Posted   Feb 14th - 8:32pm

Why exercise should be a celebration of what your body can do, not a punishment for something you ate yesterday.

Creating a healthy, intimate relationship

Kim Giles, Contributor  |  Posted   Feb 13th - 6:59am

"Valentine’s Day is a little painful because my marriage is not going well. It isn’t that we fight a lot, but it isn’t really wonderful either." Our Valentine's Day edition of LIFEadvice tells couples how to repair their relationship so more intimacy happens.

Ask Brianna: How do I evaluate a job offer?

Brianna McGurran, Associated Press  |  Posted   Feb 10th - 8:32pm

"I got an offer for a full-time job. How do I decide if it's right for me, or if the salary is fair?"

Surprise! Social media can help, not hurt, your college prospects

Kelly Wallace, CNN  |  Posted   Feb 10th - 10:31am

By now, the idea that some college admissions officers might check an applicant's social media accounts shouldn't sound too far-fetched. But what teens — and their parents — might not be aware of is how often college admissions officers say social media positively impacts an application.

How social media stars are keeping Utah healthy

Charity Lighten, Contributor  |  Posted   Feb 8th - 8:31pm

Seventeen of the most influential fitness and health stars in Utah recently got together at Thanksgiving Point to discuss their stories and their successful strategies for keeping Utah healthy.

Misophonia: When chewing, other everyday sounds enrage you

Susan Scutti, CNN  |  Posted   Feb 7th - 8:32pm

Though the sound of chewing may be unpleasant, most of us do not respond with a fight-or-flight reaction, a condition known as misophonia. A new study explored this phenomenon and discovered that, compared with most people, sufferers of misophonia have structural differences in the areas of their brains tasked with regulating emotions.

Are you a martyr parent?

Kim Giles and Nicole Cunningham, Contributors  |  Posted   Feb 6th - 6:58am

"I’m getting more and more resentful as the years go by with all the work I do to keep the house and family running. I feel unappreciated about it and I’m just getting tired of these tasks." In this edition of LIFEadvice, coaches Kim Giles and Nicole Cunningham share tips and tricks for getting more help around the house.

Are 'food comas' real or a figment of your digestion?

Lisa Drayer, CNN  |  Posted   Feb 3rd - 8:33pm

You've just finished a big meal, and you're stuffed. You're thinking of taking a walk or even a stretch before clearing the table, but the thought of just getting out of your chair seems like a challenge.

Jumpstart heart-healthy eating for Heart Month

Suzanne Lewis, Contributor  |  Posted   Feb 2nd - 8:31pm

February is American Heart Month. It’s important to focus on how to keep our heart and cardiovascular system healthy because heart disease remains the leading cause of death in the United States.

Couples are spending a record amount to get married

Kathryn Vasel, CNN  |  Posted   Feb 2nd - 10:48am

Forget about the bride and groom: It's all about the wedding guests these days.

Set intentions, not resolutions, for lasting change

Malissa Morrell, Contributor  |  Posted   Feb 1st - 8:34pm

Research suggests that fewer than 10 percent of New Year's of resolutions are ever achieved. This year, skip the resolutions and set intentions instead. Intentions serve as a compass on the road map to achieving your goals.

How to deal with well-intentioned compliments

Paige Smathers, Contributor  |  Posted   Jan 31st - 8:41pm

People mean well when they give you a compliment — but sometimes those compliments can be misconstrued and even hurtful. Here are some ideas for how to better give and receive compliments.