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In gorilla's death, critics blame mother, Cincinnati Zoo

Emanuella Grinberg CNN  |  Posted  May 29th - 12:39pm

Devastated. Heartbroken. In mourning. Those are some of the words the Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden used Sunday in a contrite explanation for the death of Harambe, a 17-year-old western lowland gorilla killed on Saturday to save a boy who slipped into the zoo's habitat.

Deputies: Mom threatens principal over kid's bad behavior

The Associated Press  |  Posted  May 28th - 8:01pm

Deputies say a mother threatened a Beaufort County middle school principal after she refused to let the woman's son participate in an eighth-grade graduation ceremony because of his bad behavior.

Company recalls spill-proof cups due to risk of mold

The Associated Press  |  Posted  May 28th - 3:44pm

More than 3 million spill-proof cups for children between 4 and 12 months old are being recalled by Mayborn USA because of the risk of mold that could cause sickness.

Davis County sisters diagnosed with breast cancer 2 weeks apart

Natalie Crofts  |  Posted  May 27th - 3:17pm

From sharing a bed and going to school to visiting an impressive 55 countries, the Page sisters have always been “attached at the hip.” Now, they’re battling breast cancer together.

Teen delivers 15-pound baby in India

from Roshni Majumdar CNN  |  Posted  May 27th - 8:42am

A young woman in India has given birth to a 15-pound baby girl, which doctors believe is the country's heaviest newborn.

Witty letter prompts American Airlines to waive $200 change fee

Doug Criss, CNN  |  Posted  May 26th - 5:14pm

The next time an airline hits you with a fee, you can either go on a epic rant about "Big" Business and their "evil" ways, or you can do what Alex Hamberger did.

Babies behind bars: Should moms do time with their newborns?

Colleen Long, Associated Press  |  Posted  May 26th - 2:29pm

Jennifer Dumas sits on a sofa, her smiling 6-month-old girl on her lap. The room is full of bright toys and children's books. A rainbow-colored activity mat is on the floor, and Winnie the Pooh is painted on the walls.

Marine creates 12 months of holidays in 10 days for son

Jessica Ivins  |  Posted  May 26th - 7:23am

A Marine dad had just 10 days to celebrate 12 months’ worth of holidays with his little boy, and this particular mission was a big success.

Wednesday's Child - Blake

Ashley Kewish  |  Posted  May 25th - 7:52pm

Blake is a 16-year-old boy who loves staying active and busy. He's been in the Utah Foster Care System for most of his life. He's hoping to be adopted.

Teacher on leave after telling students to put duct tape on their mouths

Morgan Jacobsen  |  Posted  May 25th - 7:03pm

A teacher at Wasatch Junior High School was put on administrative leave Tuesday after she told several seventh-graders to put duct tape on their mouths for talking in class, according to Granite School District officials.

Freezing eggs for IVF becoming more mainstream for some women

Sara Ashley O'Brien, CNN  |  Posted  May 25th - 3:34pm

In a room full of highly successful women in their late 20s and 30s, the talk moved from "How was your week?" to "Have you frozen your eggs yet?"

Family: Concert promoter who was gunned down had found new life as a father

McKenzie Romero  |  Posted  May 25th - 7:19am

A Magna man has been ordered to prison after pleading guilty to manslaughter in the death of local singer and concert promoter Brad Hancock.

Man says he was attacked for taking 5-year-old daughter inside men's restroom

Andrew Adams  |  Posted  May 24th - 10:26pm

A trip to the men’s restroom at a Walmart in Clinton quickly escalated into a full-fledged struggle when one man criticized another for bringing his 5-year-old daughter with him.

9 simple tips to make meal planning easier

Paige Smathers, Contributor  |  Posted  May 24th - 8:29pm

The monotony and tedium of meal planning can lead to eating out too often and health suffering. Find out how we can successfully plan our meals to make healthy eating realistic and sustainable.

It's OK to let your baby cry himself to sleep, study finds

Carina Storrs, CNN  |  Posted  May 24th - 2:02pm

Many new parents long for a full night of glorious, uninterrupted sleep yet shudder at the thought of letting their baby "cry it out," the sleep training method in which parents allow babies to cry themselves to sleep. But a new study adds support to the idea that the method is effective and does not cause stress or lasting emotional problems for babies.

Have You Seen This? Dads and babies cut a rug

John Clyde, Contributor  |  Posted  May 24th - 1:16pm

Whether they will admit it, dads love to dance. They love to dance with their toddlers, and apparently they also love to dance with their babies strapped to their chests.

Retired FBI supervisor warns parents of apps teens use to connect with strangers

Debbie Dujanovic  |  Posted  May 23rd - 10:39pm

Kids are living in a world with hundreds of thousands of apps available to download. A retired FBI supervisor wants parents to understand how three popular apps work and to talk to their kids about app safety.

Banning skinny jeans in school? NC students lash out

Aj Willingham, CNN  |  Posted  May 23rd - 7:48pm

Some of life's questions are just destined to be left unanswered: Are leggings pants? Can skinny jeans be too skinny? Are either appropriate attire for high school students?

Utah couple takes quick break from Ogden half marathon to get married

Carter Williams  |  Posted  May 23rd - 9:30am

One Utah couple ran the Ogden half marathon Saturday in wedding attire before veering off to get married, and then finishing the race.

Teach children life isn’t fair

Kim Giles, Contributor  |  Posted  May 23rd - 6:58am

"Our adult daughter claims we have done more for our son than we have done for her. This is really hurtful to us." In this edition of LIFEadvice, Coach Kim give tips for teaching children to be grateful and stop expecting life to be fair.