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Lehi family celebrates 3 generations born on the same day

Robynn Garfield, Contributor  |  Posted  Apr 28th - 12:24pm

A Utah family recently celebrated their daughter's birthday, which she shares with her dad and paternal grandfather.

Study: Spanking contributes to aggression, anti-social behavior

Jessica Ivins  |  Posted  Apr 28th - 8:52am

A new study reveals that spanking your child may have a longer-lasting impact than just a few tears.

Arsenic, rice and your baby's diet

Sandee Lamotte, CNN  |  Posted  Apr 27th - 7:22pm

Ask any mom or dad to name their baby's first food. The likely answer? Rice cereal. What's a common go-to "healthy" snack for toddlers and kiddos? Rice cakes.

Have You Seen This? Vlogger makes mommy version of Meghan Trainor song

Angie H. Treasure  |  Posted  Apr 27th - 1:12pm

Equipped with a wind machine, her four-year-old son Porter and a slew of everyday scenarios worth saying “no” to, 26-year-old former BYU student Tara Brough made this hilarious parody of a pop song.

Women share stories on motherhood, find camaraderie at annual local show

Kate Rose Lee, Contributor  |  Posted  Apr 27th - 9:01am

Whether our experiences with motherhood were good, bad, hilarious, or tragic. LTYM is an opportunity for people to stand up on stage and bravely share those stories with their communities.

The unintended consequences to calling breast-feeding 'natural'

Carina Storrs, Special to CNN  |  Posted  Apr 26th - 7:23pm

Breast-feeding: "It's only natural." It's a message women have often heard as part of a campaign launched in 2013 by the Department of Health and Human Services. But, according to a pair of experts, this type of campaign could backfire in a big way.

The 'Home Alone' scenario: Is your child old enough to be left alone?

Kent Larson, Contributor  |  Posted  Apr 25th - 7:24pm

At some point, all parents must face this question: When is it OK to leave my child home alone? And making an informed decision ahead of time is far wiser than waiting. Here are some questions and tips to review before making the decision.

Missouri boy sells lemonade to help pay for his adoption

The Associated Press  |  Posted  Apr 25th - 9:01am

A third-grader in Missouri has been selling lemonade to help pay for his adoption.

Toddler who nearly drowned in cooler makes amazing recovery

Nicole Vowell  |  Posted  Apr 25th - 8:45am

A toddler who nearly drowned just over a week ago is back home, happy and healthy, in what family members say is nothing less than a miracle.

Is your marriage broken?

Kim Giles and Kristena Eden, Contributors  |  Posted  Apr 25th - 6:57am

"When my husband and I were first married we were so happy. Now it seems like he purposefully tries to make my life miserable." In this edition of LIFEadvice, Kim works with Claritypoint coach Kristena Eden to share some ways to repair a broken relationship.

Northern Idaho family breaks 101-year streak of boy births

The Associated Press  |  Posted  Apr 24th - 4:00pm

For the first time since 1914, the Underdahl family can send out "it's a girl" baby announcements.

If parents see their kids as overweight, they're more likely to be so

Carina Storrs, Special to CNN  |  Posted  Apr 23rd - 10:20pm

One way health programs today are trying to reduce the growing problem of childhood obesity in the United States is by making parents aware that their child is overweight. The thinking is they can take steps to help their child eat more healthily and exercise more.

'Saturday Night Live' heroin sketch sparks outrage among families of addicts

Kelly Wallace, CNN  |  Posted  Apr 21st - 7:48pm

What were you thinking "Saturday Night Live"? That's what a lot of fans — and mothers of addicts — are saying after a sketch on Saturday's show featured a fake drug commercial for "Heroin AM," an option for people "who want to use heroin" but also "get stuff done."

Better preemie pain relief sought amid new call for action

Lindsey Tanner, Associated Press  |  Posted  Apr 20th - 8:08pm

It used to be thought that these infants were too young to feel pain. The American Academy of Pediatrics has new advice — and an admonishment.

Twins used their ADHD to become millionaires

Becky Griffin, Contributor  |  Posted  Apr 19th - 7:43pm

Twins Mark and Mike Patey attribute their success to their ADHD minds.

UPD officer delivers baby daughter in patrol car

Natalie Crofts  |  Posted  Apr 19th - 6:38pm

When a Unified police officer’s wife went into labor early Tuesday morning, he had to act quickly.

Video: Woman shocked when dad surprises her from Middle East for dance

Megan Marsden Christensen  |  Posted  Apr 19th - 2:32pm

As her young daughters were preparing to go to their daddy-daughter dance, Melanie Henderson was unprepared for a welcome surprise.

iPad vs. paper: Teachers report big difference

Abby Spegman, Associated Press  |  Posted  Apr 18th - 7:23pm

Bringing iPads into second-grade math class made little difference for students but a big difference for teachers, according to research at a Bend elementary school.

Young mom of 5 turns to faith while bravely battling terminal cancer

Nate Eaton,  |  Posted  Apr 18th - 10:32am

Life as Jenny and John Bess knew it drastically changed on a cool autumn day last September. Jenny, who had delivered their fifth child in June, was experiencing some unusual postpartum bleeding so her doctor suggested she undergo a colonoscopy.

Loving leadership — a better way to parent

Kim Giles, Contributor  |  Posted  Apr 18th - 6:58am

"I have a teenager who I am struggling to have a relationship with. She is making bad choices, which is making me overly controlling, and this is driving a wedge between us." In this edition of LIFEadvice, Coach Kim shares some ideas on building a better connection with your teenager and improving yourself as a parent.