Students square off in State Geographic Bee

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LEHI -- An intense competition unfolded Friday at Thanksgiving Point.

One hundred Utah kids put their vast knowledge of geography to the test for a chance to go to this year's National Geographic Bee.

The questions got tougher as these 4th- through 8th-graders advanced through the rounds at the State Geographic Bee.

After nearly four hours, Anthony Cheng from Midvale Middle School came out on top.

You may remember Anthony from last year, when he got very close to finishing in the top three of the National Geographic Bee. Now, he gets another shot at winning first place and a $25,000 college scholarship.

So, how would you fare in the State Geographic Bee? Test your smarts here:

    1. How many counties are in Utah?
    2. How many square miles does the state cover?
    3. How many national parks are in Utah?
    4. After Kings Peak, what is the tallest summit in the state?
    5. What is the elevation of downtown Salt Lake City?

CLICK HERE for the answers or go to Page 2.

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